There's a Massive Protest Planned in Cal Anderson Tonight to Protect Mueller



Glad to see it! I won't be there, much as I'd like to be, but I look forward to seeing the massive wave of protests all over the country in response.


Oh look! Another protest in seattle!




Of all the protests, and there have been sone doozies, this one seems the silliest. A protest against an interim AG because he agrees with the guy appointing him? What did you expect? Every elected official would do it and does it. We get it, you hate Trump. Big deal, you're not affecting anything. You're just tiresome. Want to change things? Figure out how win an election. This is just masturbating.


Candles and tears on a chilly but pretty November evening, Knat has and I will join in spirit.



It's not just the who, but also the how, not to mention the why. Whitaker's appointment, aside from being a blatant flouting of protocol, is also most likely unconstitutional, as Katyal and Conway pointed out in their NYT op-ed this morning, since it would constitute a violation of the appointments clause in Article II, Section 2, Clause 2, which requires that all principal officers of the government, that is, anyone who works directly for the Executive (such as, in this instance, the Attorney General) MUST be nominated and approved by the Senate. Rosenstein for example, as Deputy AG, received the consent of the Senate in April of 2017 to serve in his position, and according to both practice and law should have been appointed as interim AG upon Sessions' resignation; Mr. Whitaker has not been so vetted.


@4 Of all the comments, and there have been some doozies, your seems the silliest. What did you expect? Every protester would do it and does it. We get it, you hate protesters. Big deal, you're not affecting anything. You're just tiresome. This is just masturbating.


@2: ....said the trolling mush brain with nothing substantial to say.
@1 Knat and @5 raindrop: I, too, am quietly hopeful that the protests nationwide effectively safeguard FBI investigator Robert Mueller and ensure that he can do his job to bring this shameful administration of heartless criminals to justice.


Here's also hoping that with the Democrats regaining control of the House Trump / Pence impeachment proceedings will commence soon. The world can't wait.


Another march! Hooray! Real change will happen with this one! Please pick up any needles.


@9 Haven't you heard, Auntie? Following the Blue-Tsunami-turned-Blue-Trickle on Tuesday, the congressional Dems look for bipartisan cooperation with Trump.

Which—given the Dems' being war mongering, Wall Street toadies just like the GOP—is not surprising.

But like the Birthers of the early Obama years, the impeach Trump movement will not give up trying to undo an election they legitimately lost. tsk tsk


@7 Touche. Well played.



Of course they have jobs! And they all pay
$15 an hour


@2 & @14: Open mouth, insert puck--yawn.
@11: That's right. Keep telling yourself that.