Pramila for President, yall.
Pramila for President, y'all. Lester Black

Trump’s acting Attorney General sucks: A coalition of 18 attorneys general are urging Trump’s pick to recuse himself from the investigation because he's obviously biased. Over 900 protests nationwide are happening right now to that same effect:

Speaking of the protest…:

We were there! So was Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal:

Dow Constantine also had some inspiring words:

Look at all these impassioned Seattleites:

Chase Burns, up in Stranger World Headquarters, got that bird's eye view: WHO NEEDS A DRONE WHEN WE HAVE CHASE

Essentially what's going on—for the uninitiated—is that Sessions's resignation allowed Trump to appoint an acting AG without Senate approval, which would have been needed if Sessions were fired. Since the new acting AG hasn’t recused himself from the Russia stuff like Sessions did, oversight of the investigation switched from assistant AG Rod Rosenstein’s hands to Matthew Whitaker’s, the new acting AG. It seems to basically be a move to take over the investigation while circumventing the need to fire Rosenstein. So now, Whitaker, a man who has penned many a negative opinion piece on the Russian investigation and who is friends with Donald Trump, is in charge of the investigation into Trump's collusion with Russia. That's no good.

In other, less protest-y news:

Active pipe bomb found in Thurston County: A public works employee found the pipe bomb in the middle of the road and alerted the Washington State Patrol bomb squad. The road was closed. The bomb was found to be volatile. The bomb squad detonated it. Everything IS FINE.

Social media shooting threat shuts down Tacoma high school: Lincoln High School in Tacoma was on a modified lockdown today after a parent notified the school about a suspicious social media threat. Disturbingly, the Tacoma News Tribune received this anonymous tip: “Somebody has written on bathroom wall at Lincoln HS in Tacoma that there will be a mass shooting at 1030.” Everything IS STILL FINE.

Western State Hospital nurse sues state: A patient bit off part of her ear, so I can’t blame her. She’s suing for $5 million and says officials didn’t adequately staff shifts and put high-risk patients in less-secure wards. She was the only registered nurse on duty at the time of the attack.

You wanna read Paul Allen’s will, you nosey fuck? Me too. It’s only 6 pages long and kinda vague, according to GeekWire. Take a crack at it, you crazy sonuvabitch.

Hey! They're going to investigate Sen. Joe Fain: Fain was accused of rape by Candice Faber. A month later, and two days after the election—where Fain is now trailing Mona Das by 206 votes—the Washington State Senate announced they will hire a third-party investigator to look into the allegation. Rich Smith has more here.

More on the Thousand Oaks shooting: There’s not much new information except that the shooter was a former Marine, that there are rumors he suffered from post-traumatic stress, and that the body count has risen to 13 and there are 18 people injured. I don’t have much information to offer. I grew up 20 minutes away from Thousand Oaks, or TO as we knew it. The Stranger’s Christopher Frizzelle and Sean Nelson lived even closer. There’s an uncomfortable solemnity reading about a place you know in such gruesome headlines. That’s nothing super important, just a feeling I thought I’d share.

Meet the new boss: Robyn Denholm has taken over for Elon Musk over at Tesla. Musk was asked to step down from his post as chairman after he made some stupid decisions on Twitter. She's been on Tesla's board since 2014. Musk is still the chief executive.

The real fake news: That whole thing where CNN's Jim Acosta was banned from the White House has blown up today. That's because the White House is spreading a doctored video of footage of Acosta at the press conference where he continued asking questions after Trump was done answering. The doctored footage speeds up Acosta's arm, making it look like he jerks the microphone out of a White House aide's grasp. It's propaganda and it's spreading like wildfire.

Shit, there's actual wildfire spreading like wildfire: Northern California is under siege again. Flames are lickin' landscapes and eating up acres at breakneck speed. Powerful winds and dry conditions are fueling this beast. It's burning 80 acres of land a minute.

And here's where Washington's midterm election results stand: An update.