Bonus Poopgasms Freaking Out Woman Who DOES NOT Have a Thing for Poop

Savage Love Letter of the Day



Penis haver here. Sometimes when I take a piss it feels fucking fantastic in a not quite an orgasm way. Sounds like a similar thing.


@1: Taking a piss (while standing) is awesome as I'm sure you (as a penis haver) already know.

As a kid, my mates and I would line up and see who could pee the furthest. Having a dick is probably the best part of being a man; that, and having an erect dick, which is probably a related thing.

But yet... LW's complaint, or non-complaint, sounds different, as it relates to pooping. Assuming she doesn't have a prostate gland, it could all be related to nerve proximity, but maybe she's just into pooping. It seems worth exploring.

As for "unintentionally pooping during orgasm"... the mind boggles. There are no words. Oh, for an orgasm that intense...


Unintentionally pooping during orgasm. Wouldn't that be santorum?


Involuntary santorum?? I'd honestly freak out, too!


Perhaps it’s also the shape and position of POOPCOMER’s clioris, which may branch back toward her rectum. It may also arise as a combination of they way she is sitting, breathing, and the muscular contractions she makes. There are many women who orgasm from no conventional stimulation, particularly certain forms of exercise like weightlifting. And more than a century ago, many women were able to obtain orgasms while using leg-powered sewing machines.

As for POOPCOMER, she doesn’t mention any anal play or anal sex, but it sounds like she should explore more intense anal stimulation.


A coworker of mine had a girlfriend that would poop during orgasm. The problem was they were on his parents bed. He blamed it on the dog and the dog got a beating. The next week he got some more action and again she pooped on his parents bed. He blamed the dog again. The dad angrily shot the dog saying he wouldn't have a dog who poops on his bed. As teenagers do he stupidly fooled around with her on his parents bed again and had to subsequently confess that he or rather his girlfriend was at fault for the mess. His dad was of course upset that he had killed the family pet for no reason my coworker was grounded for the summer. I asked if he minded the poop, he said he was just pleased to be getting laid. Her situation seems awful to me. What do you do insert an inflatable buttplug so you down poop during sex?


In a related odd phenomenon, some men who get Prince Alberts also start having unexpected orgasms. One PA'd friend gets gets them sometimes as he pisses, and while they're orgasms, so they feel great, he has found himself making grunting noises as his back does that orgasm-bend when coworkers and other men were in the vicinity, and he'd rather he'd not been seen and heard in that state.


Maybe it's the way she's zipping up her pants because it seems to happen when she's zipping up afterwards, not when she's pooping.


I mean, thicker underwear if you don't wanna have orgasms?

Also, like, are these really orgasms? It sounds like she's getting a shiver of pleasure which like... I'm a guy, so we have a strict line between orgasm and not orgasm, but I occasionally get a shiver of pleasure from some arbitrary penis placement and pose etc when I'm at work... but it doesn't lead to jizzing my pants.


DanielleinDC@8 ~ "...Maybe it's the way she's zipping up her pants..."
Yes! If she's rapidly zipping her pants up and down for a number of minutes (like I do) then it's totally understandable. Luckily, already standing near a handy ceramic receptacle to catch any flying fluids, just gotta watch out for zipper burn!


And, of course the classically relevant scene from "Kingpin":


Is that a true story 22vampyre @6?
Nasty, shooting the dog. You’d think after the first time they would have put a towel down. And given it was his parents’ bed, they should have put one down anyway. Kids can be so gross.


@10 Having recently caught myself in my zipper, proceed with caution o.O


@13~ I feel your pain.


You should apply for a position within the Trump administration, pooping, then pulling up their pants, while enjoying a mild orgasm seems to be their specialty!


I think she can relax. It happens once the pooping is safely over. It's okay.

And while I don't have the same thing, I can share something similar. I'm a woman, and right after finishing with #2, I do often have a physical urge to go be sexual. Maybe it's because I know that this is a time when all kinds of sexual acts are "safe"? I have no idea. But if the letter writer reads this, I hope she feels less alone.


@6: Bullshit, not dog shit nor human shit. That said, what one does in a situation like that mostly-to-entirely fabricated story is empty one's bowels before sex, like anyone preparing for anal sex. No poop inside, no poop outside.





A Savage Love Letter of the Day and nobody caught it in comments @3 & @4?


@19: Okay. Well, I guess Dan's contest for the winning definition WAS a smidgen over 15 years ago......Google search Rick Santorum and see what pops (poops?) up, folks.


Soooo, I often wonder just how these people who criticize the design of the human body would "re-design" it to be "more intelligent", and still allow us to function. It's usually men that come up with this stupidity; the least amount of thought on the subject would demonstrate that pushing out a 7 lb infant would require some help from GRAVITY, and would we prefer to "defy" it by having shit come out our ears, maybe? Things that need to 'leave" the body are best placed at the BOTTOM, not the TOP. As well, sex was intended to repopulate the earth, not provide ego boosts, mental reassurance, or even enjoyment; the "enjoyment" is there to ensure we will "do it".


Griz @ 20, I knew exactly what you were referring to, it just didn't seem to require further comment. Also, was it really that long ago? I remember the competition, or at least reading about it, and I have only been following for about 9 years.