The post (and image) in question, prior to its removal
The post (and image) in question, prior to its removal

During a recent meeting, it was brought to our attention that the University of Washington College Republicans were using a Stranger-copyrighted image to accompany one of their misinformed Blog posts, “Kim Schrier, Zero Political Experience, All Professional Politician.” So we sent a cease and desist notice, because, you know, copyright infringement.

“K sure,” they responded shortly after. The image was still up 24 hours later.

So we reached out again. This time, after a much longer pause, they emailed us back.

“We removed the photo, but we like to have it on record that this does not mean we respect journalists.”

First of all, we’re flattered that you all think we’re journalists. As everyone knows, we’re an ungovernable collection of maladapted hacks who are single-handedly reducing the IQ of this city by entire orders of magnitude. Second of all, in the spirit of civility, thank you for taking down our illustration. Next time you want to roast a politician in a pissy blog post, just take five seconds to scribble all over your own press photo instead of stealing one from us.

Third, we'd like to be on the record that you're a bunch of chodes.