Latest Ballot Drop: Das Maintains Lead Over Fain, Vargas Closes In, and It's Still Bad in the East



I'm ALL for a recount on the race between Pinky Vargas and Trump's own gluttonous, double-dipping, fossil fuel industry catering boy toy, Thug Ericksen, 42nd District. Go, Pinky---turn the 42nd BLUE! Sadly, Eastern Washington has always been bad on election results.


2018 is sooo yesterday. 2020 is practically here! Spoiler alert... get ready for Hillary 4.0. Can’t fix stupid, and corrupt never dies.


I don’t think Hillary will run again, and if she does she won’t get the nomination. There’s too many impressionable nitwits like Our Dear you_Gotta_Be_Kidding_Me out there for her to be elected, even after (presumably) four years of trump.


@3: Catalina for the win!


Trump / Pence = Prison 2020.