Two Months Into Uncle Ike's Pesticide Testing and They Already Have a Failure



The plants we grew got miracle grow fertilizer. I think we waited too long to harvest them and they got some bud rot, I think. We are avid gardners with some horticulture back ground but new to growing pot (in So Cal) This was our third and largest year for growing pot plants; doing it mostly for fun. I heard your the expert. Do you have an article for newbies about growing and harvesting your own pot?


Lester, I'd advise that you ask Mr. Jon Sherman of Origins to see all of the CoAs for the "Random Tests" of pesticides that he has allegedly done for the products on his shelves over the past year.

In an April 2017 article relating to PEAK Analytics (the lab that was suspended for a year), one Jon Sherman stated that "Origins has a policy of not buying cannabis tested by Peak Analytics." That statement was untrue --- a quick check of the traceability database showed that about 16% of the flower they had purchased over the past few months had been tested by Peak.

Mr. Sherman mis-spoke about PEAK. I would not be at all surprised if he also mis-spoke (or at least mis-represented) his company's policy on randomly testing for pesticides.