Why Our Sexual Fluids Failed to Humanize the Car



"Brutally repetitive" is way too kind. "Crash" is a hundred+ pages of guys crashing cars and shooting loads with no character development or literally anything else happening besides cars crashing and guys creaming their pants. Worst book I've ever read.


Wait a minute, wasn't 'carriage rage' responsible for the fateful father/son altercation in Oedipus Rex? Technically 'chariot rage' I suppose. Pretty sure it was a thing.


The rise of the automobile has been very good for my line of work. Though I miss the good old days before seat belts and enforcement (or even the existence) of drunk driving laws. Those were some busy times! Not WWI busy but still..busy.


@1 Follow up questions for Charles. How can you be pro renewable energy when fossil fuels got us where we are today? How can you be pro gun control when it was guns that stopped the Nazi's?


driving a Miata gets me so excited I want to bone as soon as I get out of the car, too


And Charles doesn't even need a car to feel the way he dose.


@4: Getting stuck in traffic can be frustrating. But savvy drivers take advantage of the situation to get something from the back seat, touch up their mascara, or just mediate to some wonderful music.



Ah yes, you don't have to be an angry driver, you can be a distracted driver instead!

People just forget they have choices sometimes, eh?


Wow, yep, this is on the money. Right on the nerve of how cars have damaged human relations. And I think that is a brilliant reading of Crash.

@4 -- "You are sitting in a $50,000..." jail cell.

I'll also point out, that from the perspective of a bicyclist, who can connect with pedestrians and other bicyclists using eyes, hand gestures and more. The car is a very dull, inarticulate beast. Only a horn, and maybe flashing lights once in awhile to indicate intention. There is no subtlety to the communication from a car. It is like trying to understand what a rhinoceros is going to do... turn left? or go forward and kill me?


@9: Mediate?


@12 - I assume he meant Meditate.. but I'm not really sure I'd suggest meditating during a traffic jam. Doesn't seem like quite... the right moment to focus on non-being. But YMMV.


There certainly was road rage back when only nobility could afford personal vehicles. The roads were terrible and the carriage of the person of lesser social rank was legally obliged to back his horses up by the snaffles until a turn-off could allow the higher-status carriage to pass. Hot arguments over personal pedigrees ensued, often made especially worse by being conducted in French. The Dalmatian was specifically bred to be able to keep up with the horses and still have enough energy to threaten other carriage horses.