What… is math?
"What… is math?" Steve Debenport / Getty Images

Seattle Public Schools are getting better: But in terms of meeting their own goals they get a big fat F. The district didn't meet 14 out of 20 goals it set, including one to get the percentage of students taking and passing algebra by 8th grade to 62.9 percent. On that mark they only got to 46 percent. This is already more numbers than I am comfortable with this early in the morning. But yes, they did meet those six goals, including the one about closing the racial gap for expulsions/suspensions. Don't get me wrong, there's still a gap. But progress is progress! And six out of 20 is better than zero out of 20! Keep up the good work!

Tacoma keeps trying to do cool things: Yesterday, Rich told us about how Tacoma is passing the state's first cultural access program. Today, KING5 reports that the Tacoma City Council is considering passing strong tenant protections. The ordinance they will consider will require “a landlord to give 60 days' notice before terminating tenancy and paying relocation assistance in certain circumstances.” We’re not talking about trouble tenants who need to be kicked out, we’re talking about tenants in buildings that are bought by new owners and given, out of the blue, a 20-day notice to get out.

State Senate Republicans have a hole in their heart the size of a tiny home and want to fill it with compassion for the homeless: Senate Republicans in Washington state are talking a big game about easing restrictions on tiny house villages to help house the homeless. But it’s all talk, no game. Literally. They are just saying they want to ease restrictions, and then somehow transitioned that into an explanation for shifting tax revenue, to lower “property taxes for seniors and the disabled by taking out the school portion.” Sen. Randi Becker (R-Eatonville), age 70, says, "I think it's time we all recognize it's time to say 'thank you' to the seniors.”

November air quality report: It isn’t horrible, but there is smoke.

My favorite superhero, Washington State Attorney Bob Ferguson, drops charges against my favorite margaritas in Seattle: Well, technically speaking the charges were dropped against Tacos Guaymas, reports former Stranger writer Heidi Groover. The charges accused Tacos Guaymas’s owner for “three counts of using illegal sales-suppression software,” in addition to six counts of first-degree theft. Despite those charges being dropped, the owner did plead guilty to “a separate count of second-degree theft for about $800 in unreported income. The business will pay a $1,250 fine.” Again, Tacos Guaymas margaritas are fantastic, and that is a fact that should not be overlooked.

Elon Musk’s “Teslaquila” is not being welcomed with open arms by the Mexican tequila industry: No shit? Mexico's Tequila Regulatory Council doesn’t appreciate Musk’s antics. They say that “Teslaquila” is too close to tequila, and tequila is a protected word. For tequila to be tequila, “the spirit must be made in the Mexican states of Guanajuato, Jalisco, Michoacán, Nayarit or Tamaulipas, among other requirements.” What are some other gimmicky drinks Musk could get into next? Chamteslapagne? I suppose it just doesn’t have the same ring as “Teslaquila.”

France is not taking our malignant-narcissist President’s tweets lying down: We do enough embedded Trump tweets here, and today seems like a good day to just avoid embedding his dumb tweets. Trump unleashed a flurry of tweets such as one single tweet that just said “......MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN!” Firstly, our President uses too many periods in his ellipsis, and that alone makes me sad. But in any case, the French Government’s spokesman responded,

We were commemorating the assassination of 130 of our compatriots three years ago in Paris and Saint-Denis, and so I will reply in English: 'Common decency' would have been appropriate.
Ooo, burn. Common decency. I hope France knows that this is not in Trump’s vocabulary.

What a sicko: Marco Rubio has been showing his true colors, well, actually he always has. But this morning he decided to invoke the Bible to help push the Republican propaganda about voter counts in Florida. Here, see for yourself.

The whole thread is full of people burning Marco with more quotes from the Bible, and some people making up their own quotes, because, why the fuck not?

Go out to eat to support NW immigrants! You want to go out to eat anyway, right? Duh, this is Seattle, that’s what we do for fun. Together Seattle is hosting a special event today where participating establishments will give 10 percent of their proceeds to the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. Check out the link for all the places to go. Might I suggest grabbing a beer at Rhein Haus, then popping over to Ba Bar for some delicious Vietnamese cuisine? If you already have dinner plans, perhaps just grab a cupcake at Cupcake Royale, or a coffee at my favorite Seattle coffee place, Caffe Vita?

Wallingford Walkabout: I’ve always known trees to be awe-inspiring, beautiful and absolutely necessary to life, but this week I learned something new about trees...

While walking my dog around lovely Wallingford, as I so often do, I spotted something quite odd. There was an electric car parked along the road that seemed to be docked for charging. Now that in itself is very typical in Seattle, but what was so striking about this particular electric car is that it appeared as though the adjacent tree was in fact charging it!


Ludicrous, I thought! I snapped a quick pic, didn’t investigate further (as any non-journalist would do) and kept along my walk. Low and behold, not a block further down the road, and look what I found. What are the fucking chances?


Another car being charged by tree power! I asked myself, were the trees generating all of the electricity themselves, or were they just a conduit for some other type of electrical-generation? Two steps further along the road and I had my answer; a local, Wallingford wind farm.


Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: An opportunity to support the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project by eating at a local restaurant participating in chefs+togetherSEATTLE, a presentation of lesser appreciated Puget Sound aquatic mammals with photographer Drew Collins, and an evening with belting vocal pop composer and songwriter Rufus Wainwright.