Rep. Dave Reichert Continues to Make a Good Case for His Own Retirement



Never trust a guy with no lips ...especially a Trumpanzee


The election results suck. I believe that we elected an uncaring (remember the lack of Medicaid patients) person (because it's the year of the woman - not the most qualified). My guess is the Democrats try to go after Trump with false accusations (like Kavanaugh). Remember, the Clinton's and their Foundation received $149 million from the Russians in 2016 (nothing since the election) and Trump met Putin after the election. Sure, Russians hacked Americans, and, Americans are hacking everything and everyone. But, got to hand it to the Democrats and their fake news.


As they say in Scotland ...@2 takes the biscuit for troll of the week!


Reichert = pathetic


About a decade ago, either The Stranger or (gasp) The Seattle Weekly (which in the mid-00s was actually readable unlike the phone books they published in the nineties) did a piece arguing that Reichert was essentially brain damaged and unfit for office, and the GOP brokers kept running him because he had hair that would make Leslie Nielson jizz in his pants


Give @2 another biscuit for that aberrant apostrophe.


There's a picture of this guy in the dictionary next to the definition of "empty suit"


"My guess is the Democrats try to go after Trump with false accusations (like Kavanaugh)."

Trumpfy had what, a dozen women, accusing him of inappropriate behaviour?
This is President "Pussy Grabber," correct?

And Kavanaugh's Installation was an Embarrasssement to Justice in America.

Kids these days, they see that shit, they know what the fuck's going on.
(although the fearful Faithful may chose to miss/ignore it)

And will most likely come back to haunt perpetually-overreaching Republicans.
As it should.


Why doesn't this 1,000 year old Trumpzillian fossil just crawl under a rock already?
@8 david jw: While I like your idea, too, I see the definition of Dave Reichert more fittingly under stinkhorn, n. phallus impudicus; a phallic shaped highly odoriferous mushroom.


That is the face of old white male incompetence.
No legislative achievements in 14 years.
Never deviated from his GOP marching orders.
Let the Green River Killer go free.
This is a GOP winning record.


"[make] her constituency unhappy with her no matter what she does."

Lies aren't enough to justify taking healthcare away from children. What a despicable individual.


"former Sheriff who didn't even do the thing he's famous for doing. "

Oh, you mean Green River (which he dined out upon to an extent that made Guiliani's crowing like a rooster atop the ruins of the Twin Towers seem a paradigm of "aw shucks, twern't nuthin'" in comparison). As I scrolled over the link I'd expected his most cherished accomplishment to have been the firing that the bus driver who flipped off George Bush.


And again we see why The Seattle Times will never again see a dime of my money.


“Dr. Kim, if women actually can be doctors, you know this back bench must always be kept at a steady 98.6 degrees.”


@1 blackhook: Trumpanzee--good one! lol And perfectly fitting.
@4 German Sausage: Muppet? Reichert looks and smells more like a dazed and confused stinkhorn to me. May he be laid to rot, alongside Dino Rossi and Thug Ericksen.


@14 I Got Nuthin': +1