Seattle Has the Highest Number of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Urban Areas, According to New Study



Oh my...your headline...yikes


I bet we also rank right up there in Missing and Murdered Disingenuous Women in Urban Areas.


@2 I'm guessing LA has us beat.


WA state is also in the top 10 (last check it was #5) in the states with the most serial killings. And since the pig farmer in Vancouver killed an untold number of women and Oregon also rates in the top 10 states with the most serial killings, seems like there could be a connection. Also, when it comes to women who go missing and show up dead, the more society considers them disposable or irrelevant, the more likely they are to be on a serial killer's hit list. Seems like only Bundy was the outlier with regard to that MO.



You're one of those who's read up on enough serial killers to call it, eh?

I've never understood the appeal myself, but man, people who are into serial killers are REALLY into them.


does seattle have the highest population of native americans of any large city in america? could explain this stat.


@5 This story disturbs me and my comment is just my opinion. I am not into serial killers. I do find the fact that they exist and go uncaught for so long to be truly terrifying. I also find the fact that so many live and kill in the PNW to be quite disturbing, too. I live in Oregon.

I lived in Seattle when the Green River killer was caught and the pig farmer in Vancouver was caught. I did watch the news and the coverage of these cases. The sheer number of women these men murdered is horrifying. It was to me then and it is to me now.

This reeks of more of the same.

See, law enforcement knew who the Green River Killer was in the 1990s. Law enforcement was also told by one victim's mother (and ignored outright) in the 1970s that the pig farmer was killing women. Both the GRK and the pig farmer killed girls and women society (and their killers) viewed as disposable garbage. They did not care at all that these human beings were being killed.

And it's not just women. The cops who returned a naked and bleeding 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone to Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment were laughing and joking and thought it was fucking funny as hell. And instead of caring about that human being they returned him to be slaughtered (oh yeah and they also never paid in any way for what they did or how they behaved, they initially got fired and then both got their jobs back).



So, uh, even the people who aren't really into serial killers are still pretty into them, then?

Or at least it kinda looks that way from this side of those 250 words you just casually dashed off about rather specific details of three different serial killers.

I mean, sort of understand, they're scary, they're weird, American genre fiction and TV dramas are festooned with them, it's nearly impossible to ignore the phenomenon entirely. But man, even when it's local I just do not get the urge to wallow in the endless news coverage of every last scrap of information, and in the follow-up books, and the biopics, and and and.


My question is why are brown, black, and Native men killing their women at the rate they are.


Doesn't Seattle have the highest percentage of Native American women in the population compared to other major US cities? Wouldn't it be somewhat odd if LA had topped the list?

This headline seems misleading and intended to incite self-flagellation or to excite the endless serial-killer-podcast losers.



I mean, you could look it up and provide a couple numbers and a link, right?

I know, I know, why bother, right?

P.S.: Oklahoma City. You're welcome.