Jim Belushi: Medical Marijuana Would Have Saved My Brother’s Life



Jim seems like he's doing pretty good these days.


He was so good in Born Yesterday on Broadway and totally deserved that Tony nomination. Please tell him I said so.


I've enjoyed Jim's work since the 80's when he did movies like The Man With One Red Shoe and Real Men. It's good to hear that he's doing well, especially given how troubled Oregons cannabis market's been lately.

I wish John were still alive, too, it would have been really great to see the two of them working together, couple of very funny guys, the Belushi brothers.


@3 RickFromTexas: +1. I loved Jim in The Pirates of Penzance. To me, he will always be the Pirate King! Rock on, Jim, rest in peace, John, and thanks for the memories.


Good on him, he seems to have found his 2nd calling. Best of luck.


What a wonderful thing to read today.


More libertarian form of government please.


Note to self: Are “man buns” ever appropriate? NO.