I guess the fascism is more real here.


Doxing kids is bad but the rest sounds like pretty normal internet shit. I’m sure it’s not fun and he didn’t sign up for this, etc but he said someone threatened his wife with sexual violence. Calm down, queen.


I doubt any criminal charges will come of this. As Katie said, its pretty normal for the internet, but if I were in their shoes, I'd end the campaign too. That is a big headache for a City Council position that he likely wouldn't win anyways.

What concerns me is that fellow parents were harassing them, not internet trolls. Don't parents have more important things to do than posting mean messages online?


I just watched his campaign video. It does seem a little fascist. Looks great, though!


@3 Good point: parents at a school aren’t internet trolls, they are members of the same community. Passing off this crap because “it’s the internet” is lazy but... you know.... The Stranger. And that’s the world we live in today: extremists on the right and the left who just want to scream at everyone.


Hopefully somebody else steps forward to challenge Mike O’Brian and his absurdly stupid approach to homelessness and advocacy for herroin injection sites that has attracted drug addicted riff raff from all over the country to shit on our neighborhoods.


As to the white supremacist comments, on his campaign site, he had listed among his philosopher heroes, Charles Murray. When the issue was raised, the list of philosophers was removed. He acknowledges this and it was documented on a FB thread about his candidacy.


Criminal or not, harassment is wrong. No right- or left-wing ideology justifies it. That said, it is extremely difficult to stop when you've been harassed and want revenge and, or protection. Tribalist enclaves serve as protectors but at the price of establishing a quasi-Mafia like "ethic" of harassment and silence about it, making anyone who dares speak about it feel like a reviled snitch. Look at our president, and see if you don't recognize the pattern. And he's got lots of company on the right and left from Washington state to Washington, DC. Debate the issues, experience, and qualifications, but don't harass. It's easier said than done, though; threats and harassment are real, and enablers and practitioners of this behavior are at the top of our society. Here's to the high-ground heroes who resist the viciousness and take us all to a better political place.


i'm sure sara nelson will run and the chamber of commerce will throw gobs of money at her to unseat o'brien


I watched all this roll out over the course of a day or two on Rufo's website. Ms. Rufo was - pardon me - bending over backwards to be kind and open-minded to the idiot (who I really want to name but will not) who shriekingly accused her of doxing his child. Absolute bullshit and I look forward to what Katie learns in any interview she may have with him.

Rufo wouldn't get my vote in a hundred years because of the Discovery Institute connection but also because of the crowd he attracted as close supporters and campaign operatives. The David Preston claque. But I'd go to the mat to push back on the outrageously outraged posts from the leftist buffoons who made fools of themselves in their attacks on him.

Will the true threat to a repeat O'Brien election win please come forward? We need you.


@5 that is why it is concerning to me. It wasnt some guy in Florida. It was their neighbors. What happens when the run onto each other at the park? Probably nothing, but Id be anxious going anywhere.

I was curious to hear this guys ideas and the public reaction. Now you'll just get obrien laughing at victims of property crime.


Not mentioned: Rufo's wife, in the midst of a heated online argument in which she was accused of doxing someone's kid, posted her phone number. On a public Facebook page. So she's not the brightest bulb, apparently.


Why does the photograph that he allowed to be used for this article contain his children if he is concerned about the treatment of his family?


@1, Repeat.


@18 Not white


The photograph is surely from his campaign and in the public domain. Did you really think it was taken for The Stranger?


No I didn't think the Stranger took the photo, I said he allowed them to use it - my point is that it is clearly a PR photo that was indeed used in his campaign and it has his kids in it. That kind of destroys his arguments about concern for his children's privacy and security.


Frankly, the doxing claim is real. There was no need for Suphatra to say the name of the kids’ school. Especially since if she really was sincere about wanting to talk to the guy, and their kids go to the same school, she could have just looked up his number in the school directory or said hi to him on the playground. Maybe not worth freaking out about, but I agree that she had no reason or need to do that.


Which science is that? There are so many to choose from! Physics? Or how about celestial mechanics? Organic chemistry? Or, engineering, perhaps? Enlighten us, please!


@23 thats not doxxing. It wasnt the best decision but she wasnt outting the random guys
(who is still random) kid to alt-right mobs. If anything she doxxed herself. The Rufo's arent politicians, they were in way over their head, but I dont blame them for not being prepared, its a stupid city council seat.


These folks don't need the police, they need an advice columnist.


@9 “He can’t possibly believe the things he wrote about black people being genetically inferior, his wife is asian!”


Hold up a sec!

Rufo and his wife claimed all over the interwebs that his wife was receiving violent sexual threats, it was carried on right wing news without any fact checking, even Newt Gingrich mentioned it on a national broadcast.

And what was ~actually~ stated, was a catch phrase from That 70s Show?




It’s all fun and games by the progressive left right up until they harass the wrong person and meet a violent end. Progressives need to improve their behavior.


Wow. Can dish it but can't take it. Just move to Yakima, this guy would get elected here. Oh right; not a lot of economic opportunity in Trumpvana. I wonder if there is a correlation between income inequality, structural racism, and economic decline? Hmmmm.....This is nothing compared to what I went through running for office. My local paper even printed a Civil War apologist's letter to the editor today, whose crew was constantly spamming my Facebook page, saying Lincoln didn't want to end slavery.
Liz Hallock, Yakima, WA


Not feeling that sorry for the figurehead of an anti-homeless, alt-right, thinly-veiled white supremacist NIMBY faction who has been dishing out for the last decade exactly the same online and real life harassment to Mike O'Brien, along with anybody whose name and address they can get their paws on. Rufo might not be an anti-immigrant racist, but the anti-immigrant racists think he is.

There's nobody with a thinner skin, nobody with more P.C. tripwires, nobody more insistent on safe spaces against debate and criticism that conservatives, libertarians, or values-preaching Christians.

If you can't take the heat that O'Brien has to put up with, you're not qualified for O'Brien's job.


Has anyone figured out that there's only about three people in Seattle behind 90% of the online political harassment, threats, and doxing that we've seen for the last few years? It's not some vast mob. It's one really, really, really prolific guy with literally nothing else to do all day except harass Mike O'Brien, Kshama Sawant, and a short list of local journalists who have stood up to the alt-right. He has maybe about two part-time helpers. That's it. A police detective with half a mind to could find them.


Rufo is a Member in good standing of two local right-wing propaganda outfits. The one founded by a right-wing radio yakker constantly advocates policies which are the exact polar opposite of what Seattle does. Seattle prospers. It’s not too terribly much to speculate this entire affair was confected to slander Seattle nationally, with the “liberals are the real intolerant ones” lie. Rufo was never going to get elected with the baggage he proudly carries.


The generation that never learned any manners, rules or how to share their toys is now trying to run the country. Good luck, America.


I am very disappointed in Mr. Rufo. Yes he was trashed online but this goes with the territory of running as a centrist in Seattle who is confronting some serious problems and speaking openly about them. As I write this his website still does not indicate that he has withdrawn:

He is simply naive and not credible. I believe his leaving the race is due to other factors as he can't be serious that what was mentioned to date is a threat to safety or unexpected. But unclear what they may be. I thought he had character. But seriously if he is going to pull out because of a few expected attacks on him, he is not right for the job to begin with. As to the offending parent, shame on him/her. As to his wife, get a grip. You won't be fired by your employer. And the kids, even if they are featured as a family photo in the publicity shot, deserve to be left alone and this is no excuse for any threat or impact to them. This is one of the unwritten rules of politics that most respect.


"Get Bent!" is not a threat of violent sexual assault - it's from That 70's Show. Nor is it a violent homophobic slur, as was claimed.

It could either mean F-off or go F-yourself or Piss Off!. In the episode called "Too Old To Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die" Donna said to Eric because she thought he called her boring...

Donna: "Get Bent!"
Eric: "Okay I'll do that."

Is there going to be coverage that actually points out that this is nutso?

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