Slog PM: Save the Orcas, Kill a Whale Watcher; Guns Are Bad for Your Health; Crosscut Goofs It



Save the southern residents! Yay to Governor Jay Inslee and conservationists for laying the groundwork on what's next legislatively.
Stop blowing it out both ends, gun nuts, and make sure you get your damn shots. It's flu season.


Yep, Crosscut turned to a single source, an activist latino group and managed to make ICE look good.

Activist, outrage journalism at its finest. Shoot first, ask questions later. Maybe Crosscut is modeling itself after The Stranger.


There is no such thing as "iced tea with a cheesecake-like layer of foamy cream cheese floating on top." None.


That is an excellent photograph for both of you.
You both look like interesting, complex and attractive people.
Plus well-composed and well shot.


Haha, the presence here of ol' Tiny Tina leads me to believe Kim K. must've been taken out back behind the henhouse and put out of it's misery. Just like ol' sara smackdown and "centet is right" before it. Was it also the centet? I like to think it was, if only because it makes me happy to do so. Welcome back, shithead!


So Crosscut got duped... But, um, do we want to count the number of "mass hunger strike" blog posts The Stranger has put up based on NWDC Resistance press releases that later turned out to be completely false?


The couple toasting look like nazis...seriously not making this up.

What the hell are they celebrating with that look on their face?


Well, walldawg, I'm not going to argue your characterization, silly as it is.
But there was something in that photograph that prompted a response from you, wasn't there?
And I think it telling that you framed that response in the form of a question.
That is what a great photograph can do, draw us in to the inner lives of people, puzzle out their subjective reality.
So thank you for concurring in my judgement- great photograph.


The Stranger should cover the story of musician Ryan Georg being nearly beaten to death with a baseball bat by an angry mob of homeless people outside El Corazon. It intersects with two of the Staranger's foci, music and homelessness, and presents some complicated dynamics worth unpeeling.


The Stranger should cover the story of musician Ryan Georg being beaten nearly to death with a baseball bat by a homeless man living next to El Corazon. It intersects two or the Stranger's major points of focus.


Uff weird double post again! These comments is wonky.
As long as I'm here again cute photo. That two bodies apart but touching hands above at a jaunty angle pose always works. It should sweep Instagram as the new ducky lips.

Chatted at a brunch last weekend with a career clean energy guy regarding the hydropower coming from the Snake river dams. He explained quite clearly the non-obvious reasons why the multiple smaller dams of that era don't actually contribute to net clean energy and don't make energy cheaper either. Basically you can tear them out and there's zero increase in carbon or cost. Wonky type, seemed to know precisely what he was talking about.


I really don't think that breaching the Snake River dam would be effective in restoring salmon runs to the benefit of orcas. One would have to remove all of the dams including the Grand Coulee. If all that were to happen then one would need alternative sources of electric power which would mean either oil, gas or coal burning or nuclear; not very good choices at all.


These warning signs are the first of their kind on the West Coast.

Things like this are based on the silly belief that people do stupid, dangerous shit because they never had a good talking to. "I am sure that once people see these signs, they will completely change their mind on their gun purchase."


Such warning signs are myopic stupidity on steroids. Still, a little nostalgic twist might make this Orwellian overreach more palatable: "Guns are not healthy for children and other living things."


Actually it's the projectiles the guns fire that are detrimental to your health.

The signs are stupid, the ammo-sexuals will point at them and the gun free zone ones and say "look gun laws don't work" .

Feel good law so Board of Health can say they did something! They didn't, we need real gun control don't distract people with this shit.


“The whole issue is that the council held a special meeting to discuss the repeal of the head tax,...”

They didn’t meet at all in advance of their very public repeal vote, so that which did not exist cannot be “special”. What actually did happen was Mayor Durkan individually contacted each of eight City Council Members, pointed out things were now set for voters to repeal the EHT, and offered each the chance to remove the referendum from the ballot. Seven of them, each one individually, agreed with Mayor Durkan to do so. When the Council actually did meet, no amount of verbal abuse from an angry crowd could alter their votes.

“That meeting occurred behind-the-scenes...”

Again, it never occurred at all, so it could not have happened near any scenery.

“No head tax do-over part three.”

So, will you finally drop it, already? You lost. Get over it.


The "We hate Amanda Knox" schtick is so old and weird and hipster-misogynistic, it's really time to let it go Stranger. I get it, she is white and got disproportionate interest in the particular injustice done to her, which is done to people of color every day, but to hate and harass the individual woman? WTF?


The story about the guy who got 2 years and 10 months for watching someone die, taking photos of her and raping her while she died, and then bragging about it is the epitome of how little human life is valued, especially female life. Seriously WTF.

As for AK who cares? I am so sick of having to hear about her. Remember Meredith Kercher? She was the woman who got murdered. AK is out living her life. Why the fuck do we have to hear about it endlessly?


No, seriously WTF? Amanda Knox is entitled to peace and happiness and her groom doesn't deserve the collateral sniping. This is fact:
- We have not been hearing about Amanda Knox endlessly. It's been months.
- Conclusive evidence that she murdered Meredith Kercher was never established.


@22: ok bro


Am I the only one sick of seeing 37 different IPAs in the beer cooler, and somewhere between zero and one example of most other kinds of beer? You get like 1 or 2 stouts, maybe 1 weizen, some weird ass bloned or brown, and maybe a lager, hardly ever an actual pilsner in there. But if you're hankering for this one specific IPA you're covered because there's 37 ever so slightly different versions of that, here in our Fuck You, sorry not Fuck You Aisle, I meant Beer Aisle. The IPA, And Occasionally Something That's Not An IPA Aisle. Fuck You Aisle for short.

Fuck IPAs. Tired of it and when anybody talks, I hear nothing after I hear the letters I, P and A. That's right where you go on mute.


@24 - Well put, and a clear crisp pilsner is always a delight.


@16 Real gun control will never happen. That possibility ended the day Kavanough was sworn in. Unlike Scalia who saw plenty of room in the 2A for firearms safety regulations, Kavanough and Gorsich are 2A absolutists. Even the modest rules passed with I-1639 will be ruled unconstitutional by Trump's illegitimate justices.


@24: You need to get out more.


Keep Lester away from Nathalie


yeah, council doesn't need to follow laws and stuff - they are STICKIN IT TO THE MAN!! TOTES!


Removing the Snake River dams won't do much for the food sources in the Puget Sound. If anyone has looked at a map recently, the Snake (and Columbia) don't feed into the Sound. As for the time that the resident orcas spend feeding off the Washington/Oregon coast, there aren't many fish left for them once the sea lions take their share.

As to the value of the hydro power provided by the Snake River dams, that is secondary compared to the navigational improvements they provide. Remove them and expect to see massive increases in the rail and truck traffic carrying produce to market. Not to mention the regressive economic effects food price increases will bring to the most vulnerable parts of our population.


"Remove them [dams] and expect to see massive increases in the rail and truck traffic carrying produce to market."

Whoa -- they put lettuce and such on a slow boat/barge to Portland? They must have some pretty good refrigerators on those barges, in that hot E. WA sun.


@31: Man does not live by lettuce alone. Not for long, anyway.