Study Claims Gender Nonconforming Children Were Different Gender in Their Past Lives



Are Tomboys really gender non-comforming? As someone who's gravitated towards tomboys my entire life, I never felt there was anything especially non-female about them, they were just a 'type' of girl that was into a lot of the same things that I was. Like Elfquest books.


This just in: children who are gender-nonconforming or experience gender dysphoria are more likely to confabulate fictitious past-life memories to justify their gender expression to themselves and to others.
How FUCKING dumb is that journal to let that horseshit through review?

@2: it turns out you can just put words in whatever order you want.


You lost me at past life experience and then I just wrote this off as unmitigated bullshit


This is not the first time this silly idea has been proposed. Many folks have speculated upon past lives and trans identities:


oh good, another way to make the modern day confusing and ridiculous...


Magazines are having terrible economic times these days and you would expect Scientific Journals even worse. A little Science Fiction, now and then, might improve subscriptions.


Very intriguing study! It leads me to hope that an equivalent team of scientists interviews children who have been threatened by monsters and a group of those that has not, and asks them if they ever recall seeing a monster under their bed. If the first group reports more monster sightings, this would certainly constitute powerful evidence that fear of monsters is derived from actual monsters under the bed. Science!


3 Napoleons show up to a past life party. Two are lying.