Judge Dismisses Noodles and Beef's Restraining Order Against BuzzFeed Reporter



sure are devoting a lot of words and time to this weird story...


I'd say the plot line was unbelievable if I were reading it in a book, but given that it's real life the whole thing is just sad and depressing.


So the reporter showed up at their house, stayed long enough in the wrong spot to have the cops show up, got arrested. Okay.

Then, the couple took out a temporary restraining order against the reporter but couldn't get the paperwork delivered so they attempted to cancel the proceedings. Okay.

Where's the story here?


“Noodles and Beef”? More like “Pompous Asshole”.


@3 Have you read any of the previous coverage of this in the linked stories?

NoodlesandBeef got the now-dead man to sign a contract supposedly giving him complete control over everything including cosmetic injections to the genitals. The guy then died from a lung condition caused by having an illegal genital silicone injection. NaB covered up the death for as long as he could, and lied to the victim's family and friends about the cause. Not long before, the victim had rewritten his will to make NaB the sole beneficiary of an estate worth about $200K. When the BuzzFeed reporter tried to interview him, he shut it down with a restraining order.

That, in a nutshell, is the story.


Lmao if you got nothing to hide you shouldn’t be scared. This is Dylan’s Manipulative behavior and shows what he’s capable of doing. You really think Dylan loved the poor guy more than 200k? 💩


Thanks for continuing to air this, Eli and Dan. I'm so sorry for the friends and family of Jack Chapman.


All the coverage this silly story is getting did influence me to make an udon and beef stir fry the other day.

It was pretty good, although the sauce I made was a bit too strong.


@8-Death is rarely a silly story. You might need to grow up a little bit.



Too much beefcake?


@5 -- Excellent summation, thnx.


We need someone with BALLS in DC! Noodles and Beef for Speaker of the House!