Water Dancers, Led Zeppelin, and a Dead Cat: The Brief History of the Green Lake Aqua Theater



"$100,000 remodel"???

Do you realize the difference between a $100K design/feasibility study and a $6+ million new building?


Caption alert: 'of' the stands.


So the hilarious story - at least on the storyboards outside the stands - is that Led Zeppelin opened for...Three Dog Night (go look it up, kids).



Hendrix opened for The Monkees, so there is some history of the better act playing second-fiddle to the lesser.


Born and raised in Seattle and had no earthly idea of this historical gem. Thanks, Nat!!


I would love to have seen the Dead at Green Lake. Sounded like a great set. Love this era of GD. The addition of the flute was cool.


Weird to be reminded of the Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix playing the Aqua Theater, now that I am getting to be an old man.
I could have sworn such events took place yet now they seem so odd.
It is a strange sensation to hold memories of events but you begin to lose confidence such anomalous events really did occur?
I didn't attend but I lived in the area and remember seeing the flyers.
But I have vivid memories of how I used to sneak in to the Aqua theater on hot summer days while it was going to ruin and jumping off the tall platform... or seeing the Grateful Dead at Hec Ed pavilion... events so far away in time but in an extant physical space except a physical space that has been utterly transformed into something barely recognizable.
You young folks will understand some day- you will get this exact same sensation when reminded of shows at the Showbox or the Neptune or wherever...could that really have happened as I remember it?
so be sure to take advantage of any opportunity to hear extravagantly talented people in intimate venues, you will have that all your lives.