Don't Bring Bad Beer to Thanksgiving, You Turkey!



Budweiser works just fine. It's cheap and after 4 or 5 nobody cares if your drinking a craft beer or not.


The end result is the same. Except you have more money in your wallet.


Bruery Autumn Maple, Logsdon Peche 'n Brett, Reuben's Roggenbier and Holiday Gose at my table


Since PBR is the “go-to” for most of you hipstas, I’m wondering what all you “man-bun” cowboys think is “bad”?


@1 Thank you. I'm old enough to remember the pre-craft beer explosion, and what started as a welcome profusion of new options for people who liked beer quickly morphed into insufferable beer snobbery, and predictable white hipster one-upsmanship contests into whose craft beer tastes were more obscure and refined. I thought whiskey connoisseurship was bad, but beer snobs are ten times worse.


Agree with the Saison suggestions, but for the love of god, bring a Belgian Saison. Saison Dupont, any Fantome, or Blaugies Darbyste. Nothing against Holy Mountain, but the top Belgians are a better choice for the meal.