The Path to Investigating Trump's Border Troop Stunt Probably Runs Through Seattle



Hmmm... What's Trumpfy's counter-move gonna be?

Hire some thugs to storm our border?
He's Gotta justify his wall/invasion intervention...

Or does he just walk away knowing his flabby ass is grass
what with Dems just a heartbeat or two away from HIS Presidency.

One thing's certain -- whatever he does do,
he'll not hold himself to it, not for long.
Reality Teevee surely doth rock, don't it?


1: It wouldn't surprise me if Trump's own corporate allies and the funders of his own party arranged at least the timing of the caravan-who ELSE would want or benefit from the arrival of thousands of Latinx refugees supposedly planning to arrive at the border on Election Eve? How else would Trump have known when the caravan was SUPPOSED to arrive if people working for him hadn't been in some way involved in arranging it?

Not putting that on the actual refugees...all of them were and are innocent people who are just trying not to be killed by an "authoritarian"-we all know what THAT means-regime in Honduras-the one that's in power today because Hillary at least abetted the overthrow of the previous democratic government of the country by the rich and the right-wing parties there in collusion with the Honduran military-but it had to have struck at least ONE other person here that the supposed timing of the caravan was awfully damn convenient for "Hair Fuhrer".


2: So, did Nixon declare the student body of Kent State University to be "enemy combatants" in 1970?


Haha, "Operation Faithful Patriot," indeed. Us open border lefties should've mobilized a counter force contingent. We could have called ourselves...

Operation Libtards Assisting Filthy Migrant Drug Smuggling Immigrants," so as to avoid any potential confusion.


@4, The students at Kent State were not massacred by federal troops. They were shot by the Ohio National Guard whos Commander in Chief was the governor of Ohio.


Sorry, "whose".


Operation Useful Morons


Honestly... who cares about those troops? They're getting paid to fuck around in El Paso instead of fuck around in South Carolina or North Dakota or anywhere else they're stationed. Like, they went down there, walked around, nothing happened of note, and they'll go home. Is there any noteworthy element of the story left? Of course it was a stunt, of course the people who hate Trump want to call him out and of course the people who like Trump supported the deployment. I'm tired of the US media (The Stranger included) who leaps into action every time Trump jerks his dick like he might jizz in some direction or another. Like, just ignore his ass except when it's literally fucking critical.


@1 kristofarian: I can't wait until the Dems, led by Nancy Pelosi and 100 new women in Congress stick a fork in Mein Trumpfy's filthy, putrid mushroom and call it DONE. I'll bring the popcorn.



Yep. An end or at least a slowing down of the Trumpf horror show is certainly most welcome.

I do hope them fresh new Dems can take a cue from both the dick Cheney and the newt Gingrich and hit the ground runnning with Progressive, majority-of-Americans support for the shit we 99%ers need...

Oh, and didja hear -- Bernie's calling out Big Pharma and telling them to fuck the fuck off with that whatever-the-Market-will-bear shit -- unlike the rest of the so-called Free World.

Like, when a corps' patent is up, generics manufacturers can move in. (only here, in Republican Utopia, do they get to rape Americans) (Will we continue to stand/bend over for it?) (or would we rather demonize Bernie, and to hell with what it may cost us)?


I still say a most fitting consequence for the current Evil Empire is Mein Trumpfy's getting a cargo plane load of stinkhorns dropped upon every Trump Towers and Mar-a-Lago. What do you think, kristofarian (@1 & @11) and others?


@12: An eye for an eye, or a mushroom for a mushroom, sez Griz! BOUYAH!


Excellent point.
Q. What's the latest Pentagon estimate on the Prez's most recent Elctioneering stunt?
Somewhere around $80,000,000.00.

Not too bad, specially for the Ficsal Conservatives amonst us?
About what it's cost us (so far) for his mini-golfing vacations.

Say, did he ever hafta pay any taxes on that $415,000,000.00 he inherited from Pappfy Trumpfy? I seem to remember him saying, "We real Smart people don't hardly pay any taxes."

A very stable genius, this guy.


Eli Sanders, can you tell me what Adam Smith's assh0le tastes like? Stop pretending the Democrats give a f-ck about immigrants. They deported 2.5 million of them and they were the first to lock up immigrant kids in cages and rape them. At least, that's why the ACLU sued the Obama adminsistration. But the Stranger wouldn't know that, considering how deeply attached their lips are to the assh0les of whatever Democrats is in charge.



"The soldiers were going to be paid and fed no matter where they were. Being deployed to help the border patrol is much better than being deployed to the middle east or staying at your home installation doing motor stables and boring training."

Not to belabor a point (I know these pesky facts can be Tiresome), but the Pentagon's most recent estimate for derr Furor's Electioneering Stunt is somewhere in the neighborhood of -- are you sitting down? -- $210,000,000.00. Seems like A LOT, to me,
just to keep Soldiers entertained.

Money well spent, Mellow?
You tell me.

(shall we build us a wall, too, whilst we're at it?
seems like even a half-smart President wouldda had them build some of his Precious wall, as long as they were already there.)

Not this one.