More time to shred? Surfs up, bruh!
More time to shred? Surf's up, bruh! Artem Peretiatko

On election day, California voters approved Proposition 7, a ballot initiative that grants state lawmakers the power to extend Daylight Saving Time and implement Pacific Standard Time (PST) all year round. Now, a couple of lawmakers in Washington and Oregon are pushing for the rest of the west coast to join in.

State Sen. Jim Honeyford, a Republican from Sunnyside, told KNKX that he plans to introduce a measure that would make (PST) last year-round in the coming legislative session, as does Sen. Kim Thatcher in Oregon. It is not, however, the first time Honeyford tried to make permanent Standard Time happen in Washington state: In 2017 and 2018, bills sponsored by Honeyford failed to make it out of committee.

This time, however, Honeyford may have more momentum, thanks to voters in California, who approved Prop 7 by 60 percent. "I think we have to because we are trade states," Honeyford told KNKX. "It'd be very good for all of us to do it together."

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When it comes to energy, the research on whether falling back increases or decreases our energy use is mixed. Research does, however, show that switching to Daylight Saving every fall may have an adverse impact on human health. There is, however, certain special interest groups that love Daylight Saving Time. The strongest lobby for DST is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, according to Michael Downing, the author of Spring Forward: The Annual Madness of Daylight Saving Time, as retailers (at least before Amazon) tended to benefit from an extra hour of daylight in the evenings, which gives people more time to shop—or golf.

"In 1986, Congress gave us an extra month of Daylight Saving Time," Downing said in an interview with NPR. "In those congressional hearings, the golf industry alone—these are the industry estimates—told Congress one additional month of daylight saving was worth $200 million in additional sales of golf clubs and greens fees."

Perhaps Honeyford should expect some resistance from the retail and golf industries, but if he succeeds, an extra hour to Rollerblade on winter evenings does sound delightful. There's also, however, a serious downside: In the heart of winter, the sun wouldn't rise until almost 9 in the morning, which may mean getting up in the dark.