Dust off your fedora, some of these items might belong in a museum.
Dust off your fedora, some of these items might belong in a museum. David Sacks/ Getty Images

An example of how artifacts from other nations should be handled: They're returned! Former Stranger writer Heidi Groover reports that the Seattle Police returned 7 mud and clay artifacts back to the Mexican government on Tuesday. How did the artifacts get noticed? A cunning woman perusing an estate sale just happened to be knowledgable in museology and recognized the artifacts from a list of potentially trafficked objects compiled by "the International Council of Museums." Moral of the story is you can't traffic artifacts in Seattle because any random person here could potentially be an expert in museology.

Seattle police report hate crime against a gay man from Cameroon: The Seattle Times reports that a woman who was a houseguest of a North Seattle man released intimate photos of the man and his husband on social media with homophobic slurs, while also posting that he "needs to kill himself after writing his will." After the photos were posted, the man was attacked outside of his home in North Seattle, and according to police, his mother, who lives in Cameroon, was assaulted and had her house burned down.

Seattle buses to take a moment of silence: 20 years ago, on November 27, 1998, Mark McLaughlin, the driver on Route 359 was fatally shot while crossing the Aurora bridge. The bus then apparently went off of the bridge and landed on the roof of a Fremont apartment. So this Friday at 3:20 pm, drivers will pause in honor of Mark. There will be announcements in anticipation of the pause in service, and busses on the highway or in a tunnel will continue service during the pause.

Amazon finally chooses to ruin something that can't be ruined: But damn, Nathalie is going to have some serious competition on her new sports beat. That's right, Amazon is getting in the sports game, placing a bid on 22 Fox regional sports networks. Even with the resources at Amazon's disposal though, it will be tough for them to keep up with Nathalie's sports prowess, in fact, we wouldn't be surprised to find out that they're putting together some sort of multi-million dollar contract to try to poach her as we speak.

Trump Watch; "I can't imagine anyone other than Trump:" Yes, that's Trump talking about himself. What was he responding to? The question of who should win Time Person of The Year.

Trump apparently wanted to prosecute Hillary Clinton and James Comey: It shouldn't come as a surprise that Trump wanted to try to put into practice the "lock her up" phrase that his fans chanted at his rallies. That is basically how he gets his ideas. Even his White House counsel at the time, Don McGahn, wrote a memo "outlining consequences for Trump if he did order these prosecutions." It is apparently not clear for what Trump wanted to prosecute, or if he even read the memo. The only thing is clear is that Trump likes to rule with catch phrases and rally chants, which is proving to be particularly ineffective.

And lastly, some momentum on special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation: We don't know what they said, but we do know that Trump has handed over his responses to the special counsel's questions pertaining to Russian interference in the 2016 election and whether or not any associates of Trump were involved. We can only hope he wrote the answers himself. Trump's opinion? "We’ve wasted enough time on this witch hunt and the answer is, probably, we’re finished." We shall soon find out, shan't we?

Happy Thanksgiving: From LA's car-dominated-dystopia to our own, we wish you a greenhouse-gas fueled holiday!

Want to be part of the discussion on Pike/Pine protected bike lanes? Hat Tip to Capitol Hill Seattle Blog for posting a link to this survey that you can take part in to help provide information to city planners about what your priorities are involving these protected bike lanes! It's much easier than showing up to a community meeting, and you can do it from home at your leisure!

Headline for your morning: Something tells me this man has tried to play this card before.

Today's Slog AM is brought to you by Uncle Bill's Pancake House in St. Louis:

Never had a large lean ham steak before? Here its one of their Most Favorite Menu items!
Never had a "large lean ham steak" before? Here it's one of their "Most Favorite Menu" items! Michael Bell

This is the place my wife would eat potato pancakes late night in high-school—a refuge for her smoking friends, who enjoyed the cigarette-friendly environment. Nowadays you can't smoke inside, which would seem to be a huge improvement, but after only a single bite of the hashbrowns, a wafting smell of tobacco smoke would have been a welcome distraction from the burnt, canola-oil flavor terrorizing my tongue on the way down my gullet. My stomach is ashamed to say I ordered the Supreme 2X2X2X2. I'll let you guess what that means but just know it included pancakes and those absurd hashbrowns.

The stone wall behind me makes the place look far fancier than it is.
Mmmmm, starch.

But you don't go to Uncle Bill's for cutting edge food. You go there for the waitress who seems to yell everything, but in the most charming way imaginable. You go for the endless coffee pours and the sense of diner-infused nostalgia. You go to see how much corn-syrup you can dissolve into thick pancakes, and you go for dishes like the "Sling Shot." I have to repeat, though, you do not go there for the hashbrowns. If you're finding yourself wanting to satisfy your brunch urge in Seattle, I highly recommend my personal favorite, a place where the potatoes are truly worth eating and the pancakes are divine—the Blue Star Cafe and Pub just off of 45th in Wallingford.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A night of music and burlesque at the 2nd Annual Circus Tramp Holiday Show, a comedy show with Jamali Maddix, and Piano Starts Here: The Music of Andrew Hill & Mal Waldron.