Slog AM: Seattle Police Return Trafficked Artifacts to Mexico, Seattle Buses Will Take a Moment of Silence, Trump Can Only Imagine Trump



Nothing quite so unappealing as grimy 'old-time diner' redneck sentiment with an potato-sized pat of butter.


Now if only they'd widen our freeway like that. And maybe remove all those bike lanes to make more lanes for cars our traffic condition would be as good as L.A.'s!


You overuse (and misuse) the word "apparently," Michael.


I like it when they say bumper-to-bumper......

Look how beautiful LA's freeway is! If we end the War on Cars, we too could be packed on the freeway


Make the person of the year the woman who opposes authoritarianism or the muckraking journalist.


You hippies got too much freedom. Another Vietnam should thin your ranks.


Does the Stranger REALLY need to push pro-Seattle Police propaganda given the fact that they get rewarded for criminal behavior?


@Pijamaradus: You mean another war in which the greatest, most deadly military force on earth got its ass handed to it by Third World peasants?


I'm very surprised that the Stranger hasn't done an article on how delicious Hillary Clinton's assh0le is considering how much they are experts in the subject.


What @3 said. There was no “apparently” about that 1998 bus crash.


I don't see how the Person of the Year is anyone but Jamal Khashoggi, but I expect the raging narcissist would prefer we all forgot his name, to make life easier on his Saudi tenants/partners.


I was coming to say exactly the same thing. You use of "apparently" is totally incorrect. Do better next time.


Logic dictates that Trump is person of the year. The criterion is most impact, good or bad.


@11: His death is getting a lot of headlines right now, but the impact, if there is to be any meaningful impact at all, has yet to be determined.

The nominees are a very weak class, it almost has to be Trump or Putin, if it is to be administered in the "classic sense" like #13 outlines.

But Time is desperate for any kind of attention, so who knows.


@12 haha good troll of @3


People are apparently upset over certain word choices that Michael apparently makes, but I'm willing to cut him some slack because he apparently has terrific taste in food.


When I read Michael's post, I thought what happened to that gay man from Cameroon was a hate crime, but then I saw that Katie wrote about it, so now I must assume it was really a drug deal gone bad.


I'd bet my freaking genitalia they'll not give MOTY to Cheeto again. I'd think Jim Acosta probably has nearly as good a chance, which would be pretty freaking funny. Knat's probably right though.