Gay Immigrant Attacked in North Seattle After Being Outed by House Guest



Religious people are mentally ill. What a way to thank someone for taking you into their home. What happened to that piece of shit who caused all of this harm to this man and his family? She belongs in jail. What a piece of shit.


We should stop calling them hate crimes and just call them religious acts. Same goes for molesting choir boys.


Oh, Katie, just wait for the book that explains this was really a drug deal gone bad. Then you can buy into that story hook, line, and sinker, you know, like you've done before.


Some advice: never ever ever take a picture of yourself on your cell phone sucking a dick. No good can come from it.


So what happened to the houseguest? Was she charged for revenge porn and facilitating a hate crime?


@8 - She's currently being interviewed by Stephen Jimenez.


I didn't realize when you registered for the republican party you forfeited your ability to read


“This case is a good reminder that despite our rainbow crosswalks and gay mayors, homosexuality isn't exactly universally accepted in Seattle or anywhere else.“

No, having The World’s Biggest Ingrate of A Houseguest come here from another country is not a “good reminder” of what citizens of Seattle believe and accept. The charge of hate crimes against the victim’s two alleged assailants is the “good reminder” of the values we believe and enforce in Seattle.

And, in line with those values, I second @8: can Ingrate Houseguest be charged with inciting, aiding, or abetting a hate crime?


very sad...

just like the dude beaten with a baseball bat outside El Corazon by vagrant bums. also the many people and businesses affected by the asshole arsonist homeless guy fresh out of florida that decided to come here for some reason.

so weird that the stranger doesn't even mention this stuff.


I occasionally encounter queer white nationalists or at least white nationalist who try to appeal to queer sensibilities by claiming that it is our western culture which allows for men to be publicly gay and these backward immigrants are a threat to that.

This is a good response to that line of bullshit. This is what hate crime laws are for. These two immigrants who will not accept the right of thier fellows to be queer and act on it will be denied the freedoms of america. But the ones who DO, like the victim are more than welcome and we will what we can to protect them from the hate they escaped until thier home society decides to join civilization.


Why do we need to bring more of these people into our country? Imagine a situation if they become a majority? This is a WESTERN country, we value FREEDOM and EQUAL RIGHTS. We have enough problems with conservative religious bigots here: why are we letting more in? People who come here should be aware: this isn't Iran, or Saudi Arabia: domination of women, murdering gays, etc isn't welcome here. If they want that, why not just stay in your home country? We need to give amnesty to gay and lesbians and trans people who need asylum, why do we need to let in tons of people like Somalis into this country? Do we want it to be less tolerant and more Muslim? Yes, Islam is violently anti gay: gay people have their heads chopped off in Mecca. What would you think if in Vatican city (as bad as Catholics are) was chopping off heads? Stop advocating for bringing those cultures here; Mexicans? Sure. They have our values after 1-2 generations. Muslims are violently anti gay.