Democratic Socialist Shaun Scott Is Running for Seattle City Council



This is the guy that used his social media platform to continually mock mayor Durkan's appearance during last year's election cycle. Sounds like a true leader.




26 years??? Go the fuck back to California!


"Either you would support undocumented Seattleites by creating a system where they can vote in local elections, or you would not."

Single sentences sink ships. Seattle shall see...


Well, this sucks. I thought serious people were going to run in the 2019 races.

I really fucking hope Amazon abandons this city, and all these activists get the shit whole slum city they really want; the one where everyone is as poor as them and they don't have to feel bad about their own poorness.


Cogent. I'm district 6, Shaun. Best of luck--we need you.


Just say FREE!!! You'll be an easy win.




What a parade of terrible ideas. Why do we need a city holiday to vote via mail in ballots? How can we maintain the integrity of a voting system AND protect undocumented voters? (voter registration records are so easily available to ICE.) And on and on. It’s embarrassing.


Judging from a couple of his writings, this guy's a doctrinaire Marxist, probably closely aligned with Kshama Sawant ideologically (if one can speak of logic where this ideology is concerned). And we all know how well that's been working out.


Pay Rent? These Tribes signed a treaty voted on and approved by The US Congress, it's a done deal.


He'll be lucky to break 12%


If the city government determined that rent was owed to the various local tribes a lot of money plus interest would be owed in back rent.


Oh, dear.


Looks like, what with "City Arts" going out of business, Shaun Scott's looking for other sources of income.


What about the Tribes retribution for killing of the Mammoths, the giant sloths and the saborthoothed tiger?


“when we lift from the bottom and pull from the margins” of society.“

Governance by fuckups.


Shaun, where is all the Money going to come from for these ideas? Any Idea?


@21.. The rent money will come as an added surcharge; one charge for the regular rent and separate surcharge for the back rent with owed interest.


Phrases which made me LOL IRL include “in the indelible words of Nikkita Oliver” and “[a]s a Millennial and critic”.

{ding} Next please!


A democratic socialist and a black male, you know that aside from maybe Sawant and O'Brien, the Seattle city council will have the knives out for this man.

Interesting enough, you can tell how successful a candidate will be by the amount of scorn the altright trolls in comment sections such as this one and the Times lose their shit over. Going all the way back to Obama in 2008.


We don’t need another Sawant on the council. This guys candidacy is dead on arrival as far as I’m concerned he’s way too extreme left.


he lost me at "indelible or indebted olivia newton john"
Goner is best.


What I particularly enjoy are

1- People who neither live nor work in Seattle weighing in angrily on a black left wing candidate as if their opinion means anything. Stick to Cle Elum losers.

2- Those special comments from people who've make around 10 comments per year on each troll handle, yet expect everyone else to believe their troll comments are representative of some localized community. You guys are funnier than the russiabots on twitter. No one takes you seriously.


How many more socialist policies need to turn Seattle into an even bigger crap hole that the last 10 years have before people start realizing capitalism is not the enemy, more taxes are not the solution, and you can’t help the bottom tier of society when you give them reasons to stay there?

The ignorance of socialists never ceases to amaze me. Didn’t work in NAZI germany, didn’t work in russia, or Venezuela. It’s failing miserably in seattle...


@22 Hilarious. We KNOW the “rent money” would come from a surcharge (or tax, or levy, or whatever), and “back rent” would come from a surcharge (or tax, or levy, or whatever). The question is WHO is going to get surcharged, or taxed, or levied. You? Well, you don’t have to wait. Just start sending the tribe of your choice a big, fat rent check every month. Or take in a homeless Indian person. You can start tomorrow. Yeah, I didn’t think so. You want someone ELSE to do it.


Don't tax you, don't tax me, tax that fellow behind the tree!


I don't live near Seattle anymore: have they purged that city of the Stepin Fetchits?


I note that this was written by the candidate. I do hope the Stranger will be similarly generous with other candidates who request their own editorial. I agree with the other comment made in response to the suggestion that election day be a holiday. Seriously, it took me about 2 minutes to vote this year because I did not have to go and look for a stamp or stick it on the envelope. Anyone who can't figure out how to vote in Washington state does not deserve that privilege. No holiday needed, just the ability to use a pencil or pen and form small circles, and I suppose to lick an envelope. Allowing non-citizens to vote locally is a total non-starter. I guess that my negative comments per some above, makes me a troll.


Not listed as Editor - or anything else - in the staff directory of Real Change.


The money should come from the super rich such as Amazon. There is already money in the budget which went to the police department which takes most of the budget so that the wealthy can be protected from the working poor, other poor and economic refugees otherwise known as the homeless. Amazon increased poverty and homelessness in the city by bribing most of the council and mayor who pretty much work for them and Amazon by being here. I worked for fifty years as a working poor person and see how this works. Many workers fled this city because they cannot afford to live here. So keep paniking Chamber of Commerce. The truth is out. ha ha.


The mayor should be mocked as she is a fraud.