Perverse Techno DJ Goetic Mirror Reveals His Top 5 Classical Pieces



I don't know you bro but you sound like a giant tool. Could be that instead of "intimidating"? Hugs.


As one of the people that maintains the Seattle Church of House Music calendar...go fuck yourself. :)


I suggest you take a deep look within and ask yourself why it is that you think people don't like you. Then, maybe you should work on those things. Perhaps try not sounding like a condescending, conceited, narcissist. PS: being a jackass isn't intimidating, it's just sad. Oh yeah, maybe you should invest in some headphones, too...


PS!! I am HAPPY to remove you from ANY calendar that you are I have ZERO clue who you ARE. :) Please come find me on FB, and let me know.

Thanks!! Erin O'Connor-Drew


Where in the world does Dave Segal find these people?

The Stranger has never loved electronic music, and the one guy on the staff allowed to write about it likes and promotes stuff that is so obscure nobody understands him. Worse than indy rock hipsters.

I mean, the house and techno scene has always been underground. Even when EDM was mainstreaming - the house and techno communities thought EDM was a bastard stepchild. And Dave Segal manages to find some guy, local even, that is more underground than the underground scene.

Why, Dave?

I've been throwing clubs in Seattle for 30 years. The role of any "gatekeeper" at a venue is to fill the space with people who pay cover charges and buy drinks. Especially on a weekend. Bars and clubs are not non-profits. If this guy and ten of his navel gazing friends can't get people to come in for his unique self-defined version of minimalism he's welcome to find a spot more to his size and income opportunity.

Why publicize this in the Stranger?

And, for the record - Seattle Church of House Music is an OPEN group on Facebook that anyone can join with thousands of members. The calendar is a group effort that if somebody saw an event that vaguely looked interesting to people into house (or techno, or anything vaguely electronic) they could add it to a group calendar. If your club night isn't on the calendar, ADD IT FOR F's SAKE. It does nothing to complain because other clubs are open on the same night. That's the point of a public calendar, giving choices, and multiple events on a single night is a sign of a healthy community.