Slog AM: Seattle Weather Gets Gusty, Bellingham Gets Sued, Trump's Former Aide Gets to Go to Prison Today



$15 million? Yeah, I guess that is good strategy if hoping to settle for $15 thousand.


several migrants threw projectiles at the agents in San Diego

Why so vague, CBP? Did they throw rocks? Potatoes? Dildoes? And is "several" five people? Fifty?


So, let's see if I've got all this: the administration illegally prevents foreign nationals from seeking asylum in the U.S. by removing all normally accepted channels for doing so except at official ports-of-entry (which is not a requirement under current law) where CBP agents can summarily reject such requests on their own initiative and without any cause. Immigrants fleeing war-ravaged countries in Central America (many of which were either instigated or supported by the U.S.) are then forced to walk thousands of miles to a single border POE as far away from their point of departure as possible. When they arrive, CBP actively prevents them from approaching the border to request asylum. A few of these thousands attempt to do so anyway, and are subsequently turned away, and in frustration, an even fewer number throw some - things - nobody seems sure exactly what, despite claims that border agents were actually hit by these indeterminate objects, and in response they fire rounds of tear gas into the sovereign territory of a foreign nation in order to repel said migrants attempting to exercise their legal right to request asylum.

Have I got that right? Am I missing anything - besides the Right's spurious and completely unsubstantiated claims that MS-13 gang members and ISIS infiltrators are among this group, and so we must prevent ALL of them from requesting asylum, you know, just in case?


Anyone care to speculate as to why the coffee boy suddenly started waffling on his cooperation agreement?
30 days inside usually cools ones waffles.


Do not shoot or try to poison Wile E Coyote; you will end up shooting a toddler and poisoning all her friends.
INSTEAD: Remove the food sources - stray cats, caged chickens, and any penned animals.


3 - That is CopSpeak for "we have all the provocation we need."


Will Ariana Grande ever find happiness?? I’m so consumed by this question everyday. At least I have a friend to commiserate with in King 5.


8 And we are still left wondering if Brittany will ever find happiness. It is a cold, cold world indeed.


@4: You scoff, but I've heard some keen reports that these wolves are massing at Thieves Landing as we speak.

They already took Fort Mercer, and commandeered two Maxim guns. It's only a matter of time until they move into West Elizabeth.


Two weeks for lying to the FBI. Must be nice to be a white man.


11 - Only 14 days, and the twerp is STILL crying like a bitch about the very deal that HE MADE. Mommy is proud of that one.


@11 - He’s not white. Your racist narrative doesn’t apply. But if Maniford gets only three days you might be on to something.


greek ppl are white



Papadopoulos, a U.S. citizen whose parents are from Greece (that last name should have been a BIG clue), isn't WHITE? Did you get that from a credible source or did you just make that assumption based on his swarthy Thessalonian complexion?

Perhaps next time you accuse someone else of disseminating a "racist narrative" you might want to get your own facts straight, amiright?


When he was on Webster he was white


@15: The greeks do not consider themselves white. See "White people" in wikipedia.



Probably irrelevant here. The statement from @11 is more about the privileges that come with how he's perceived. Greeks probably describe themselves as Greek, but would you consider Greeks people of color?

I don't think anyone really had a probably with Brad Pitt playing a Greek warrior, but racist people would freak the hell out of John Boyega played Achilles in Troy.


There are lots of coyotes in Seattle. I saw one in Greenwood a few weeks ago.


Michael: Your link about the climate change reports misses a most important point. Climate change is not only a future threat; it is happening now:


greek ppl are white



Since race is a purely social construct, I suppose they can call themselves anything they want, but it doesn't negate the fact that he is NOT: Black, Asian, Pacific Islander, or Indigenous American, which leaves only... Also, ethnicity and nationality =/= race.


If I worked for the Russian IRA, this exactly how I'd use race in America to torpedo any questioning or discussion of wealth, thereby supporting the agenda of the pan-national oligarchs who would sign my paychecks.

Look only at the skin of this man. Pay no attention to his money, no attention to the connections drawn from it.


@19 Greeks in Ancient Times (Alexander, Cleopatra etc) were white and several had blonde hair and blue eyes. After huge migrations of Turks the Greeks became more of a mixed race of Turkish and Greek and now typically have dark hair and darker skin. I don't really care either way, but I thought it was interesting.