I wish we could leave Yelp reviews for Durkans mayorship.
I wish we could leave Yelp reviews for Durkan's mayorship. ULYSSES CURRY

Superhero Attorney General Bob Ferguson strikes again: Yesterday the office of the Attorney General issued a statement which says that they will be “supporting the State of Maryland’s challenge to the constitutionality of Matthew Whitaker’s appointment as Acting U.S. Attorney.” Ferguson calls Whitaker an “illegitimate attorney general,” and that his “appointment has threatened the legitimacy of the Department’s actions.” Get ‘em Bob!

How did Jenny Durkan fare in her first year as Mayor? A quiet, unresounding meh—that’s my analysis of it all. This is a city run for the rich, so progressive expectations must always be pragmatically low. The Seattle Times put together a comprehensive list of trepidations, failures, and wins for Mayor Jenny Durkan’s first year. While their analysis ends on a more-or-less optimistic note, one failed promise worth mentioning is her plan to have built 1,000 tiny homes by the end of her first year. How do you feel Durkan did in her first year?

Here’s Mayor Durkan with some cats at Seattle’s annual “Kitty Hall”: Why so serious, Jenny? She could be confiding in that kitten that she is worried she won’t be able to secure an NHL team. The black cat in the photo perfectly illustrates my mood.

Durkan attests that the arena will be ready in time for NHL team: And the NHL will be voting next week on whether or not to grant our fair city a team. Sounding just the slightest bit like President Trump, Durkan said in an interview, “We want it; they want it. I think we are going to have the best arena, I think in America.” We want it, they want it? Sounds like we’re about to get down and dirty with some stick n’ pucks.

And yesterday Mayor Durkan signed her first annual budget: And after signing the $5.9 billion budget, she exclaimed, “we officially have a balanced budget!”

She also said, “We have to invest in an affordable, inclusive Seattle that will endure to the future.” Ok, Jenny, we will take you up on that. Let’s see it happen.

Charter schools are nothing special: The Washington State Auditor just released a performance audit on charter school accountability, the Seattle Times reported. Were they the miracle people had hoped for? No. Were they a nightmare? No. When you look at the chart in the report that distinguishes the similarities and differences of public versus charter schools, you start to see that they differ in very few ways, which asks the question, why can’t we just reform our public schools rather than experimenting with charter schools?

Rain rain, whatever, it rains all the time here: Sea-Tac recorded a record rainfall yesterday, a whopping 1.42 inches. Oooh, and look at this freckled forecast of what is to come.

Death of the soldier from Leavenworth might have been friendly fire: As we posted yesterday, 25 year-old Army Sergeant Leandro Jasso died while on duty in Afghanistan. KOMO reports, “An initial review indicates Army Sgt. Leandro A.S. Jasso was likely accidentally shot by partner Afghan forces while conducting an operation in the Helmand province.” Army officials indicated, based off of interviews, that the accident may have happened during a battle with “multiple barricaded al Qaeda shooters.”

Amnesty International throws shade on Google: Yikes.

Paul Manafort can’t keep his shit straight: A new court filing shows that special counsel Robert Mueller’s legal team told a judge that Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, “breached his cooperation agreement and lied to investigators.” Can’t bring ourselves to embed a Trump tweet today, but key words are as follows: “Phony Witch Hunt, Angry Dems, Fake News Media, TREMENDOUS,” more “Witch Hunt,” and finally, what we’ve all been waiting for, “Clinton Foundation.” (Oh and a bonus is he threw the word Justice in quotation marks when referring to the Justice Department.)

Mexico wants to investigate Hillary’s emails U.S. use of tear gas at the border: Mexico’s foreign ministry is calling for a full investigation of the US’s use of tear-gas at the border. As Eli Sanders reported yesterday, Washington congressman Adam Smith is also demanding answers from Trump, regarding the use of tear gas.

Today in, why though? Gender reveal party? What? $8 million in damages? I guess it's a boy!

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A cookbook talk with Food Network living legend Ina Garten, a holiday show with North Carolina jazz ensemble Squirrel Nut Zippers, and a screening of Bruce Lee's 1973 masterpiece Enter the Dragon.