THC-Infused Weed ‘Beer’ Is for Sale in Washington



100 mg in a 12 oz bottle, somebody's getting fucked up. Somebody who doesn't read the fine print in their buddy's fridge. Well, I guess the safety margin is that bottle costs fifty bucks and is kept under lock and key?


@1 Seriously. I don’t like being Pollyanna about things like this, but 10 servings in a bottle seems excessive.


I got some gelcaps that are 10 mg each. so, can't I just drop one, or maybe 2 in a bottle of regular good beer. Will they dissolve evenly to give the best of both worlds?


Reeb is also a beer in China, maybe should do more market research on that name..


@3 - I've experimented with some thc infused cocktail recipes. These turned out better tasting and more enjoyable than thc added to beer in my experiments.