Dr. Kim Schrier Goes to Congress



Dr. Schrier- congrats! As for “What kind of Washington Democrat ….” - you definitely need to engage with all in your district, just be aware that prolonged attempts to please everyone all the time don’t seem to work.
Don’t be shy in stating your own position every now and then, nor explaining your reasons for the public.
Disclaimer: I don’t live in your district. We’re all expecting an open senate seat or two in the next few years.


“According to the The Seattle Times, Washington State Republicans paid for a mailer that “illustrated Kim Schrier, a Democrat who is Jewish, with a wad of $20 bills fanned out in her hands.” At least three other Republican mailers across the country show Jewish candidates holding a bundle of cash.”

US right wing “support” for the right wing, conservative, militant government of Israel is also used to deflect their well earned racist labels.
“Me? Racist? I support Israel.”
Apparently Jews are ok as long as they fight Muslims, otherwise they’re still Jews.


@1 CMD: Agreed, and well said. I, too, don't live in District 8. Nonetheless, I am thrilled that Dr. Kim Schrier soundly defeated Dino Rossi and that Washington voters knew who to vote for. Congrats, Dr. Kim Schrier, and Go, Kim, GO!