Here we go again.

We almost did it, folks: With all of the votes tallied, 71.83 percent of registered Washington voters can pat themselves on the back for taking part in our democratic ritual of voting. That means we almost, almost, beat our mid-term record turnout from 1970, of 71.85 percent. How many voters make up that .02 percent difference? Just 1,101.

UW testing new male contraception: Mmm, male contraceptive gel. I wonder what flavors it will come in. Oh, it's not that kind of gel. Looks like men apply it once daily to their upper arms and shoulders and ideally it will cut back sperm count over time to a point where "the man’s sperm count reaches an appropriate level to prevent pregnancy - a process anticipated to take eight to 16 weeks." Cool beans, err, sperms. Hey, if you're interested, and why not, they are still recruiting for the study!

Say it, baby! Snow next week!!!

Today looks like it's going to be another typical November Seattle day though. But a chance of sun! We'll take it.

This doggo is an accidental archeologist: You know any story that opens with, "An energetic, friendly puppy..." is going to be good. A Whidbey Island puppy discovered what experts at the UW's Burke Museum believe to be part of a woolly mammoth tooth dating back 13,000 years. It seems that Whidbey Island is the place to be if you want to find woolly mammoth fossils. The Burke Museum said the tooth isn't rare enough for their their taste, so it will remain on the puppy's owner's living-room mantle.

KING5 beat-watch: Skipping over the fact that this makes no sense for a local news network to be covering, that's okay, we shouldn't be judging, but what I really want to know is what you think about this whole question. I come half from a Polish family, so I've been dodging lip-kisses my whole life. Not dodging them because I have anything against it, just because I'm partially a germaphobe.

Don't ridicule a child: Even if their name is Abcde. Obviously, it isn't the child's fault what their parents named them. You don't want to be like the Southwest agent that mocked a 5-year old girl's name as she was boarding her flight. The name, according to the girl's mother, is pronounced "ab-city."

President Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen pleads guilty again: It was only a matter of time. Michael Cohen pleaded guilty in August for "violating campaign finance laws, bank and tax crimes." Just this morning he pleaded guilty again, this time "to making false statements to Congress about his efforts to build a Trump Tower deal in Moscow during the 2016 presidential campaign." What is a man like Cohen's word worth, after having his character, however justifiably, eviscerated by the media for months?

Trump, responding to the guilty plea, called Cohen "a weak person." He says Cohen is lying to get a reduced sentence.

A headline for your mind: Haven't been in a Starbucks in a long time. Just what the hell goes on in there?

Today's Slog AM was brought to you by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dick's: I had the unexpected delight, yesterday, after helping move a friend into a new apartment, of receiving an invite to see Lin-Manuel Miranda's In The Heights at the Seattle Repertory Theatre. It was awesome. Highly recommend this if you like musicals, which I generally do not, speaking candidly. But more-or-less two thirds of the music was amazing, the live band was phenomenal, and the acting/singing was delightful. The night ended with a ceremonial trip to Dick's. It was a late night for a Wednesday, and I'm pretty sure I haven't digested either the musical or the food yet.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A reading with literary detective author Jonathan Lethem, a QTPOC hiphop showcase with Guayaba, Michete, and Reverend Dollars, and a drag show inspired by the cult classic Troop Beverly Hills with Peaches Christ and Trixie Mattel.