Slog AM: Seattle Millennials Are the Best, Non-Stick Pans Make Your Penis Smaller, Drink Some Beers to Help California



I want to see what novel arguments the wingnuts have today for "individual 1".
Let's get CREATIVE wingnuts - use finger paints if that helps!


Each country having its own acronym for the trade deal feels like a descent further into international idiocy. That said, both MUSCA and CAMUS are better than ours.



But, how would we know we're winning if'n we don't put US first?


AG Ferguson provides us the feel-good quote of the day:
"Mr. Eyman brought these financial problems on himself by egregiously violating state campaign finance laws and refusing to comply with court orders, resulting in contempt sanctions...."
You say a wingnut brought it on himself? I am clutching my pearls!


I don't know if it's still there because I moved to Capitol Hill, but on Beacon Hill at 23rd and McClellan there is a "road closed due to snow" sign that's been there at least until June of this year. I was so tempted to take it as a novelty....... not like the city knew it existed, apparently!


Oh, also, I know I text in my sleep. I'm more inclined to play Pokemon Go in my sleep, though - I'll wake up and my phone is at 2% battery and is a million degrees. Oops!


Speaking of earthquake preparedness, did you see the story about the earthquake in Anchorage? I think it was first reported probably an hour or so after Slog AM was published.

No news on Mueller/Trump/Cohen and friends this morning? I can't get enough. Juuuuuuicy.


What’s going on with that italicized “fucking” in the first item? If you want to emphasize the transplant aspect, you’ll need to italicize that word, not the adjective in front of it. You could italicize both, but the way you have it doesn’t fucking work!


@7 No.



Yes. Iitalicizing it means you're weighting the fucking Fucking;
NOT the fucking transplants.

Unless you're fucking the fucking Transplants.

Not that there's Anything Wrong with it...


So doing the math on that Millenials at home statistic... 2/3 of Millenials nationwide have moved out of their parents home and transplanted to Seattle? Yep, seems about right.