The Pleasure of Watching a Baby Have a Meltdown in Public



"The unprettiness and rawness of the characters’ emotions felt more real than the bright, often comedic, candy wrapper-like shine that permeated other single-women-living-their-life type TV shows like Sex and the City."

Uhm... by my math Sex and the City ended its run when you were 9 years old... I can see how its "candy wrapper-like shine" would have offended your 9-year-old sensibilities respecting fictionalized imaginings of "single-women-living-their-life."

But I agree LD is total shit. A universe unto herself. Like most of her generation.


Jasmyne, thanks so much for recommending The Bisexual during your segment of Blabbermouth last week. I was sick yesterday and decided to binge watch it--and loved it. Your review of the show was pitch-perfect, so thanks again.


Who gives a shit about Lena Dunham? Donald Trump is the baby having a public meltdown we need to be focused on because there's a very good chance he will actually take down the entire country with him.


Her open-book approach to her life seems very narcissistic though i do think there is value in someone sharing their insecurities so candidly. She’s annoying af tho and worse, not funny.

@1 fun fact: they continue to air episodes of tv shows even after the original run has ended, hence the term “re-runs”


Very disappointed. From the headline I thought this was an article about Donald Trump losing it.


Just stop being such a media-obsessed Molly and "personalities" such as this would magically disappear from your life. I think Lisa Durham is funny because I have no idea what she is and no further interest in finding out.


I always confuse Lena Dunham with Laura Linney.


7 this is why you're my favorite Stranger commenter.


Really? Who out here in the real world over the age of 29 gives a shit about Dunham? Or for that matter gives a shit about what you think of her?


White liberal women are the worst, amiright?


@3 xina, @5 dvs99, and @9 Purris: Agreed and seconded.
@7 Catalina Vel-DuRay: I do, too! Similar confession: I have confused Laura Linney even more with Teri Polo (as her daddy's "Pam-cake") of the Meet the Parents film series. In my opinion, Laura and Teri are waaay classier than Lena Dunham ever will be.
@11 No, backwards thinking typically white male chauvinist pigs, such as Trump are by far the worst.


" No, backwards thinking typically white male chauvinist pigs, such as Trump are by far the worst."

Apparently white women are a close second though!


@13: ...said another dateless trolling Trumpist. thecentritisright? Ogie? Seattleblues? Arthur Zefferelli? Is that you hiding under an anonymous new account? What are you so afraid of, besides flaccidity? Is it from being cooped up in your mom's dark, dank fruit cellar all day?


I share dvs99's ( @5's), disappointment, Jasmyne. I, too, was expecting Trump to have a nuclear meltdown in mid-Tweet after inhaling its fifty-third Big Mac of the day.


@14, 11 and 13 and so many others are accounts created and deleted right after commenting (they don't exist) and since Ogie and other trolls have been removed from the community, they pop up continuously and relentlessly, like an unwanted STD, but with the same MO and nearly identical same comments every single time (amiright?).

I do believe white women are serious problem. White women did get Trump elected (you know, along with Putin and Zuckerberg and GOP gerrymandering and voter suppression and the electoral college and this country's deep seated misogyny that white women love to pretend they're protected from as long as they support white supremacy).

The sheer number of white women calling the police on black people for existing is simply out of control and seemingly never ending. And it is not just white privilege and racist hubris and an exercise of power, it is in my mind a very clear call to get people killed. Cops are the worst, they have no regard for life that isn't wrapped in white skin, and they prove day in and day out that they really ARE the government sanctioned, taxpayer funded lynch mobs they were originally created to be (nothing ever changed, just more people know now when they murder black people, there is a spotlight on them). Calling the cops on a black person who is doing nothing but living their life is quite explicitly an act of violence intended to cause harm, even if that harm, ultimately, is not death.


Her ex, Jack Antonoff, is so hot. I hope he's bi.


Eh, kind of a say nothing hater piece of an article here. In the wide view Dunham's politics are very clearly on the right team, but in the new math of the SJW call out culture she's Eva Braun.

All I read here is the obvious clawing jealousy of a younger artist hating a successful artist. It's utterly rampant among women writers on the left, dominates the content of a couple of magazines. It's exactly analogous to the hater culture that prevails among the lower echelon of stand up comics - "he's not funny, fuck that Bill Burr (or whomever), I could do that if I had his advantages.". It's the bitter refrain of nearly every person who never makes it in life.

It's an understandable attitude given how few spots at the top exist in creative careers. But it's poison, and it ultimately does nothing (especially to the target) but serve to hold you back. Almost nobody who held this attitude has ever made it as big as they want, and the very few who have are generally imperious jerk whom everyone around dislikes (Richard Nixon might be the poster boy). Every person who pats you on the back for this attitude is a loser who can't stand the idea of the cold if you left the sleeping bag too.

You think Issa Rae got where she is by bitching about the unfairness of Lena Dunham's success? Nope - she watched, learned, took what helped for her thing, ignored the rest, worked, and worked, and worked, and took risks, and put herself out there, and failed and kept pushing.


@18 I don't think Issa Rae thinks about Lena Dunham AT ALL.


@19 - at the very least, when it comes to negotiations regarding her HBO show I bet she thinks about Lena Dunham A LOT. Beyond that, though, not one bit.


@20 alright, you win. I agree.


@15 xina: Ooooo.....kay. But remember that not ALL white women ecstatically voted for and stupidly continue to cheer on a monster like Donald Jackass Trump. Please do not place me in the same category with Lena Dunham of any equally idiotic female Trumpists. I am a white woman over 50 and voted infinitely more wisely for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and will do it again, gladly, knowing damned well that the current shit storm that is spiraling out of control now would happen if Trump took over the White House. And yes, indeed, it has.
Here's hoping that with the Democrats back in charge of the House that the Blue Wave finally washes clean.


Forced to decide between defending Lena Dunham and attacking a young female editorialist of color, what will the altright sock puppet troll handles do? I can almost feel your heads exploding with confusion.

On topic: While its the new vogue (and rightfully so) to hate Lena Dunham, lets not all forget that Seattle is very much a city full of her. The women and even a great deal of the men. White people self reflecting on "whiting while white in our mostly white safe spaces made for white" should be the wikipedia abstract entry for Seattle.


@23: I don't hate Lena Dunham. I just don't want to be unfairly lumped into the same repulsive camp of entitlement with her because I'm white and female.


@22 I think we've agreed (as we've discussed this before) not all white women (I am also a white woman, in my 40s, who is in no way a white supremacist believer, supporter, or voter).

Saying not all white women, not all white people, all lives matter, etc. is counterproductive and ignores the bigger picture and problem of a society still hell bent on maintaining white supremacy.

We (the universal we) in this country need to face facts about white supremacist ideology and its continued toxic poisoning of this society. Systemic racism exists at every level of society and begins when our children are born and all of the lies we tell them about how this country was created and built.

I actual believe this is on topic. Lena Dunham, however one feels about her and her art is a white woman who is a problem. Her entire "thing" is extraordinarily racist and white focused. She grew up in NYC. Her show took place in NYC. How many black people appear in her universes, real and fictional? Another wealthy white woman, entrenched in her privilege, whose "reality" reflects only her and those like her and no one black character in the entire series (who was a black male Republican, right, in NYC? I can't be certain I didn't watch the show only had to hear others people discuss it endlessly) doesn't count as representation.

A lot of people have taken the time and energy to write about LD and her racism. Here is just one article.


@25 xina: I agree with you about seeing the bigger picture. See my comment @24. My only beef is my being compared to Lena Dunham or anyone like her simply because of my skin color.


Wait - the bio for this intern seems to imply she owns an evil single occupancy auto. Doesn't use Metro. How is this even allowed at The Stranger? No buses to Capital Hill?


Seriously, Jasmyne. You admit to not being a Lena Dunham fan, and I could care less about her. Meanwhile, we have more than enough insanely rich, infantile white garbage illegally occupying the White Trash House. This article is a waste.



I sense some panic in your defensiveness. Face it auntie, bougie white women like yourself are next on the SJW chopping block. It doesn’t matter how ‘progressive’ or ‘woke’ you are or how many Huffington Post articles you share on Facebook. You are white. You are privileged. You are the enemy. No amount of contrition on your part will change this for these people. This effort is a waste.


@29 The only defensiveness I see is your trolling, Elmer F. Fudd. If you and your ilk actually see women like me as the enemy, why? because you can't "control" us?---then YOU'RE among the ones who are panicky and scared. Get over it.


@29: Oooo!---Wabbit twacks!.....huh-huh-huh-----TWAIN twacks!! Huh-huh-huh-huh.....Hey, look, everybody--Elmer caught a TWAIN! All by himself he did!


@22 You're just LD in 20 years. Insufferable, over proviliged white women who think their farts don't stink.

Please, continue to be a part of the problem that led to Trump getting elected.


@30 It's because you're delusional nutbags who act out in completely irrational fashions at the expense of society as a whole.

Like you said, you'd vote for Hillary because, like you, she's an old white lady. And you'd do so knowing that she had a penchant for losing elections. I wouldn't be surprised if you were one of the PUMAS who used dog whistles against Obama in the 08 primary.

But, please, continue to believe you're more than a bitter old person who doesn't like that young people think differently than you. Had Palin been even remotely coherent back in 08, I'm sure you would have thought twice before voting Obama. You. Are. Identity. Politics.


@32 & @33: LOL Lay off the carbs, sugary kid drinks, and get a clue, Hey-zoos. Maybe then you'd lose the belly fat and actually get your brain functioning again. Unless of course immobile flaccidity, baldness, and tooth loss is your thing.


@34 Great work not actually addressing my points. Makes it easier to point out PUMAS and the MAGA crowd are one in the same. The only difference is that one votes for white vaginas and the other votes for white penises.

I'm guessing your FB wall is just full of you sharing Hillary memes.


@35: Ah--you actually have NO point! That would explain your bloated condition, Hey-zoos. LOL It's my pleasure to watch all you pathetic, dateless MAGA trolls have meltdowns in public.


@32: Is a lethal dosage what's gotten you so bloated, Hay-zoos? Those triglycerides will kill ya.


I'm a twenty seven year old black women and I really like Lena Dunham. I've felt envious of her success at times and I dislike her friend and cowriter Lesley Afrin who is a hipster racist known otherwise as a regular racist, at the same time people make mistakes and nobody interesting is perfect. Certainly the role Lena Dunham occupies in culture is partially of her own creation but there are ways to read her blind spots that make her more sympathetic rather then less.