The Planned Replica of Trump's Wall by WSU College Republicans Shows That the Stupidity of the Idea Is the Idea



I'll tell you how I'd own the Libs. I'd sic a bear on them... Specifically, Trumpy Bear! (who may already be familiar to those watchers of antenna television like myself, but is a worthwhile view for all. It's as stupid as anything the right has conjured up in, well, hours at least.)


"The club’s president, Amir Rezamand, is soliciting $2,500 on to pay for tools, building materials and “any miscellaneous costs the university tries to throw at us.”

It's all too rich. Part of me wants them to put it up. It's going to look so sad and pointless, so lonely. Just sitting there, a dumb little wall. As a work of art, it will be its own counter-protest.


Yes, sure, it was totally not in line with College Republican values that their president went the Charlottesville riot.


Strange times, friends.


If we take this article on its own terms, then it can not be argued with-- as it is itself an example of the thing it describes.


@5: nope. i like the insight. trump forces stupid fights on smarter kids. bully tactics.


"Trade policy was supposed to be Trump's signature issue. But he has never grasped even the basic fact that consumers, not foreigners, pay tariffs" --Paul Krugman

"Gosh -- WHO Knew 'Economics' could be so dang Hard?!" -- our Furor, our 'most-stable Genius,' the guy with all the Nukes, always at his side...

And, anyway, who on Earth could ever win an argument with Trumpfy Dumpty?

“When I use a word,” Humpty Trumpfy Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.” “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty 'Pussy Grabber' Trumpfy, “which is to be Master—that is all.”

GREAT essay, Chaz.

Repubs make take them-fucking-Selves down,
along with the Libs (Ha!),
but buy GAWD,
it's Worth IT!

and. they. Vote.


@6: Bingo. Max Solomon for the WIN.
@7: I can't wait for Trumpfy Dumpty's Big Fall, can you?
...and all the Crime Lords and All the Yes Men
Couldn't put Trumpfy Dumpty Back in Business Again.


So do they plan to erect this replica wall of theirs on the WSU campus?
Because I have a few suggestions for them if that site gets ruled out.
How about Yakima? Or Sunnyside? Or Orondo or Brewster?
I mean, c'mon men- do you have the courage of your convictions or do you not?


'College Republicans' ...hahahaha!!! It's not called the Groping Old Party for nothing (emphasis on the Old) these young twerps think it's cool to be fossilized Neanderthals?


"The fact is everyone, from the right to the left, knows the whole idea of the wall is nothing but stupid, and if realized, would be a complete waste of time and resources."

I think you're being far too charitable in your assumption of the intelligence found in Trump's base, Charles.


Good article Charles


As long as mass media normalizes stupid ideas (like we can take care of climate change and the environmental crisis with business as usual), there will be people who'll think these ideas have legitimacy


@13 -- B I N G O !!!

Wholly-corporate-owed mass media:
The very Essence of our current Malaise.

'Cause who has the Time to find out what's Truly going on...


Do you honestly think the members of the College Republicans can actually BUILD anything, let alone a wall? Maybe the employees of mommy and daddy's company...