Democrats and Republicans in Olympia Failed Candace Faber

Faber is now calling for "a deeper investigation into all the ways this system fails survivors."



“but the Democrats have had a clear majority for two years now”

Not clear to me, given that the Ds gained the 25/24 Majority when the Legislature convened earlier this year, after picking a seat in a special election in November 2017


Democrats! Why the inaction?! May true justice be served and let the rape investigation against Joe Fain continue.


Couldn’t she file a police report? That would presumably result in an investigation. Otherwise why the fuck do we need to spend tax dollars on an extrajudicial investigation of a non-reported rape claim in another jurisdiction against a guy who wasn’t a state senator at the time and who won’t be again in three weeks?

Seriously, I don’t know if he’s guilty or not, but there’s a judicial process available to determine that. As for Fain himself, before this happened, the Stranger couldn’t slobber over him enough for being quasi handsome and voting for gay marriage a few years ago. He was “one of the good ones”. But we gotta pad that Democratic Senate majority, so we need to pretend he was always history’s greatest monster. The Ds got what they were after, which is why they’re putting on a rhetorical show now, but obviously they don’t really want to bother with this anymore either.

Anyway Rich, just admit that what you want isn’t the truth or justice or anything like that; it’s to hold this guy responsible for everything you hate about men or white straight men or the Republican Party and whether he’s guilty or not is a secondary concern. It doesn’t really matter if this is true just so long as it serves as a warning to anyone else who holds the “wrong ideas”.


@34, I have to agree with you to a degree. Faber should have filed a police report AND the DC police have said that they would investigate if she would file a report.

This was really strange claim from the onset. Unlike Ford, Faber couldn't wait to go out on a publicity tour of her rape and is really milking it for all she can. I'd expect her to write a book any day. In contract to Ford who didn't want the spot light and was begged to testify to the US Senate against Kavanaugh as a public duty.


Senator Joe Fain is a Republican who refused to repudiate Donald Trump. That alone is a reason he should never hold office in our state again. The rest is a distraction.


I believe Candace.


What @3 said, with emphasis on two points: nothing else should be said about this unless Faber files a police report in D.C., and our state senate’s ONLY justification for spending our tax money on this comes from Fain being a state senator. Now that voters (remember them?) have decided Fain will no longer be a state senator, all justification for spending our tax money on this matter ends. Complain to those voters if you like.

‘Faber is now calling for "a deeper investigation into all the ways this system fails survivors."’

How about a deeper investigation into why she won’t file a police report?