Slog AM: Mayor Jenny Durkan Grants Contract to 'Longtime Associate,' Listen to This Wu-Tang Tiny Desk Concert



You have every reason to hate that ad campaign but Buddy deserves every check it earned him.


You guys can either venerate the cuteness that exists within single family home bedroom communities or rail against a lack of density, but you don’t get to do both.


Also remember that the Wisconsin GOP hold 64% of the state legislature with 43% of the vote, i.e. This is a coup performed by an illegitimate legislature. I am sure regressives still will manage to claim the mantle of freedom and democracy


Yeah enjoy the sun while it lasts; all 8.5 hours of it per day, most of which is while you're at work. Enjoy the frigid cold and ballooning heating bills that accompanies it too, they're there all day around so take as much as you like.


Oh, can't wait to get home to listen to the Wu Tang Tiny Desk! Thx for the tip!


You should really dig deeper on that consultant contract.


@2- Cuteness is not an inherent characteristic of single family zoning- unless you think Lynnwood is cute. Also, we certainly could find them cute while still railing against the lack of density. We know candy isn't good for us, but we still eat it occasionally.


oh @7 I must say there is something about the cutesy artsy whimsy of Wallingford that makes me want to vomit and/or stomp on the next old hiking boot with daisies planted in it. It's just so meno/manopausal. Sandal, socks, purple fleece and big soft asses work hard at these things project though, and so I shall myself abstain from Wallingford whimsy walking and leave that to those who dig it. Abbondanza! I hope afterwards they scurry single family home for passionate and dirty love making, but probably Sedaris and 1000 piece puzzles prevail ....


I am wondering if Democrats holding power in other states shouldn't make things really tough for Republicans in retaliation for the power grabs in other states.

But of course, the Dems just capitulate when Republicans want to close down a rape investigation in this state.


There’s whimsy outside bedroom communities - all along rainier and MLK (neighborhoods with plenty of density, new and old) have these odd, brightly painted mobiles made of plywood and wire. Has anyone else seen those around, or in other neighborhoods?


The lame-duck Republican legislature is trying to do the same thing here in Michigan that they're doing in Wisconsin.

All the GOP has left is a bag of dirty tricks, and absolutely no shame.



They tried that in North Carolina a couple of years ago.


@3 shout it.

1) We need a Voting Rights Act federally and in every state.
2) Republicans are horrible people.