Rep. Jayapal Helped Five People Apply for Asylum at the Border



While I admire her work on national issues she really needs to focus on bringing home some Federal dollars for Seattle to help with the housing, homeless and transportation issues here.


I’m forced to agree with @1. Trump’s policies are terrible all over the place, including, obviously, the border. But the State is blue and there are no coal miners here to placate, so we need the help...and will need it more as the next two years play out.


Perhaps the city council might consider offering to take in these migrants. Former governor Dan Evans arranged for the state to receive Vietnamese refugees at the end of the Vietnam war.


The woman spends a weekend, presumably when there is no state or federal legislative business to attend to (i.e. HER OWN DAMN TIME) helping out some unfortunates, and already the unwashed masses are complaining at the gates.


Media whore, of the Sawant clan.


Pramila shows more of a calling to make a better world than our pouty and sleepy senators, Patty and Maria.


Jayapal may be a showboat by nature, but she's got a helluva motor.

@4 and @6 are obviously clueless to the schedules west coast federal elected keep up, or the proven workhorse credentials of Murray and Cantwell.


On the other hand she uses unpaid interns.


@7: Indeed yes, they're very busy public servants. And Maria, bless her heart, can always be counted on to occasionally being talked into co-sponsoring a bill or co-chairing a committee.


This is fine as a media event, but yeah, we this is counter-productive; it's not the best use of Jayapal's skills and I'm sure she's not as efficient at this as volunteer immigration lawyers


@10: Ummm...she was a practicing immigration attorney for many years and founded One America, an organization that supports immigration legal defense, so she definitely knows what she's doing.


Just another Photo Op. She needs to concentrate on Washington State. We already know she's Anti-Trump. She needs to be Pro-Seattle.