You know he withdrew weeks ago. All because you only know how to check Facebook as your only source of news sources you could talk to people in his district who all knew about his pulling out quite sometime ago.


Never question the official narrative.


@1 this is an updated post from his two previous posts on the matter, but don't let me stop you from screaming into the abyss though, hope it helps.


@1's still sore over the whole 'barge' thing.


Ok, Rufo was a nominal, vanity candidate. He is affiliated with two right-wing fake think tanks; association with even one of which would render a candidate completely unelectable in Seattle. If he ever did any campaigning, he stopped awhile ago.

So, why is his last announcement newsworthy?



You were also whining the other day about the dozens of slog commenters who've been unjustly banned from posting. Who the hell were you talking about? Just more abyss screaming? It's really getting pretty old.


Facebook, the go to social media platform for grandparents across the US.



I presume he forgot the First Rule of screaming into the abyss: the abyss always screams back.


@4: Rich's Barge series was certainly good, wasn't it?


An aside: UGM is currently running a very tacky billboard in SODO (it can be seen from West Seattle Bridge East near I-5). On one half of the billboard a greyed-out face is labeled LOST, and next to it a vibrant face—the face of a white, blonde, smiling woman—is labeled FOUND. It’s cringeworthy at best, and I’m shocked no one at UGM (or whoever does their campaigns) realized the visual is deeply problematic.


Anyone who thinks that Rufo is controversial is extremely conventional and likely very boring.
If you know what I mean.


Came here via a Facebook post he just left about you. He and his wife both seem confused, entitled and vain. The photo is a great representation, actually. He boldly claimed he'd win the campaign while also being stylish-- and stayed silent on pretty much all relevant issues outside of homelessness and taxes. No one knows what he actually stands for beyond that, and I doubt he he does either.

No one deserves abuse, and the offenders are absolutely vile-- but the way they both blew it up was completely self serving and proof he doesn't give a shit about this city.

Anyone running for public office needs to be prepared for the attempted or successful slaughtering of their character by the opposition. I can't think of ONE groundbreaking candidate in history who didn't endure so much worse, and still stayed the course. Even Trump, as fucking sick as he is.

Good riddance. So tired of these self-victimizing idiots I continuously read about in the press. They have no idea what other people endure and deal with silently, while carrying on. No one actually believes in shit anymore. Just what will garner them the most attention and following.

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