Slog AM: Seattle EMTs Plan to Strike, It's Wet out There, Can We Name the Mariners' Stadium?



Stop linking to Sea Times articles; the propaganda rag does not deserve traffic. Sum up any breaks they may have and then link to smaller sources. Do not send them web traffic. This is web 101, kids.


@1 Yeah, but if I hadn't clicked on the link, I wouldn't have seen the comment on that article about how [Sockeyes is a lame ice hockey name and] it should be the Freeze. I can now enjoy my morning more, knowing that righteous fight continues. (It should be the Freeze. I don't know why Sockeyes is even in the running, it's so lame).


Please do keep linking to the Seattle Times. A lot of talented professionals work there and just because some on the editorial board upsets some folks, doesn't make it "propaganda".

And don't complain about the paywall either.


@1 I rarely go to the Seattle Times articles because of their paywall, and anybody already paying for a subscription is not really new traffic. They do have some great reporters though, so I'll take Mike's abridged version of select ST articles!


Here's a fun fact: did you know back several years ago Senators Schumer, Feinstein, Obama & Clinton were all among 80 Senators who voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which required the construction of a double physical barrier along ~700 miles of the souther border. Have Congress fund that authority:


Paywall? no problem! 1) Right-click > View Page Source > CTRL + F > Type words you are looking for.


"This man is a U.S. Representative and does less research than a Stranger writer."
Oooh -- do I smell a brand new Intern? He's just gotta learn how to unspell.

Name that Stadium? OK -- how 'bout 'Waste Management'?
That'll clue folks into how we Roll 'round here.
Let 'em take all the trash too.

"Some EMTs donate plasma to make ends meet."
Whoa! Whose?

Fuck the Times and their paywall.
"And don't complain about the paywall either."
Fuck YOU


the stadium is being taken over by T-Mobile, it will be called the Big Pink


the name of the hockey team is the Seattle Freeze, that is settled.


No negative comments yet regarding the use of a photo of a charming SFH neighborhood? I assumed someone would have already railed against the hypocracy.


Can't we just name it "Seattle Stadium" ?
I mean there was a lot of tax-payer money that went into it, right?
Shouldn't we get to name it after us?


At long last, I am going to come out and say it Shoreline person. Does it ever occur to you that you are a fucking hateful idiot? You're a total troll and even if you were not, the ideas you espouse are risible for even your class. I mean, knowing someone like you even exists really puts me in the dumps. What failed you along the line? I think The Stranger should just give you a fucking column so it is easier for you to just get it out of your system and be done with it.


Incognito windows get you through most paywalls.

The question by King, while poorly phrased, wasn’t that far off. Apps can use your phone contacts, WhatsApp contacts, google contacts, Facebook contacts, aol, yahoo, hotmail, etc. etc.

The platform is irrelevant and Pichai is just obfuscating. High five for LOL DUMBASS MY IPHONE DOESNT HAVE APPLICATIONS, though.

But yeah I get Instagram recommendations based on old WhatsApp contacts.

The old “fuck your grandfather I just made four tenths of a ruble with my data mined at a level of sophistication attained by state actors and major corporations” trick.

Gets em every time.

He’s probably lying.



So, you're perfectly fine with the SFD showing up when you have a stroke, heart attack, embolism, broken hip, whatever - and then they just leave you on your sofa, because they have to respond to another urgent call?

Works for me...


@16- AMR is a for-profit company. The constraint on EMT wages is profit motive, not reimbursement rates


@17: He's regularly called out for his idiocy. But, idiots seem to lavish the attention; they're not smart enough to differentiate good attention and bad, they only care that they get attention. (Kinda like the Idiot-In-Chief that he idolizes so much.) Even dogs are smart enough to know there's good attention and bad, but not these idiots.

I appreciate that the TIME Person of the Year list is out, and my guess is proven right (and even better, Teddy is proven wrong), that Kashoggi is on the cover. He's not the only person on the cover, but TIME seems to be doing a lot of collective awards for that... honor.


@21 I think what @16 is saying is that AMR receives payment from insurance companies for ambulance calls. That payment is limited to a medicaid rate (idk what that is) and since that rate is low, the profit margin is low so AMR needs to cut costs. They cant cut costs on equipment so they have to cut costs on labor.


"We really should avoid having Seattle EMTs striking, right?"
Um, should a "writer and painter" be writing on this? If the bosses refuse to pay EMTs what they're worth, then of course they should go on strike. It's not their fault if service is terrible as a result. It's the fault of the bosses for refusing to pay workers what they're worth.

There once was a time when being a liberal meant being pro-labor. That's time is dead.