Methane Leaks Plague Natural Gas Facilities—Why Are They So Underreported?

A public hearing on a proposed methanol refinery is happening tomorrow, Thursday Dec. 13 in Longview.



One can only hope people read articles like this and take action. Thank you for explaining to those not in the know how dangerous fracking rigs really are.


Atmospheric methane concentration has increased rapidly since 2007 (the beginning of the fracking boom). There is now little doubt this massive increase is mostly due to shale oil and gas operations. Who knew that fracturing oil and gas reservoirs would release methane to the atmosphere ...

New NASA Study Solves Climate Mystery, Confirms Methane Spike Tied to Oil and Gas


"... the common people shouldn't know of such things. Simple minds might look at what the use of fossil fuels are doing to the earth and get the idea we shouldn't be doing what we're doing."

Bingo! Enter the Kochs.
They bought the PollutersBroadcastingService (PBS) and are currently doing their Damndest* to keep the commoners Poorly informed.

*what's it gonna Cost?
Don't worry -- we'll Pay!

It's God to be so Fucking RICH!