Slog AM: New SR Tunnel is Designed to Withstand All Most Earthquakes, Trump Doesn't Understand How Money Works



Why the need to add “Investigators believe the man was homeless and was not crossing the street in a crosswalk."
Not that an innocent citizen was happily walking in our fair city and was mowed down by a careless fop in a 3000 lbs WMD who could not bother to slow down or pay attention.
They want to denigrate the pedestrian.
He was not walking in our recommended painted stripes. You need to believe that people are not allowed to walk outside these lines. Drivers should not be responsible for their murders.
He was homeless and did not have anywhere to go. He is better off murdered. Case closed.


"... just by the money we save, MEXICO IS PAYING FOR THE WALL!"
--our Furor

Wow. This guy needs to open up a Business School.
Re-open. Right after he gets outta Prison.

Lock. Him. UP.

@1 -- they're the Dupids.


@2, no one's ever channeled our Chaz any better. Well played!


@2 I think your comment presupposes drivers and pedestrians as oppositional, as well as that all drivers choose to drive, and that the urge for safety is lopsided. None of that is accurate.

Many people drive for a liviing: deliveries, taxis, freight, ride share, etc. Many others have work/life situations that do not allow them to use transit: late/early hours, not served in their starting/ending location, need to work in many locations throughout the day, etc.

Crosswalks don't exist to corral or exclude pedestrians, they exist to allow road traffic to co-exist with foot traffic in a way where everyone knows what to expect. A guy driving the truck that delivers beer to your favorite bar doesn't stand much of a chance of not striking a pedestrian who steps into the road 3 feet in front of them, no matter how much they both want to be safe.

Sucks that someone died, and describing the deceased as homeless seems unnecessary.




@5 "describing the deceased as homeless seems unnecessary."

perhaps it's a valuable piece of information insofar homeless folks live in the street and may be more likely to have unfortunate encounters with cars (may be they should wear visible gear). I almost ran over 2 scruffy looking dudes a couple of nights ago ~7 p.m; they were crossing a major street without lighting within 100' from a crosswalk. I was rattled and I hope they were as well.


@2- I absolutely agree. In fact, I encourage you to take that next brave step and cross I5 on foot.


" A Cascadia Subduction Zone event off the coast, which is expected to generate a magnitude 9.0 quake with the worst shaking the further west you go, rates about a 15 percent chance in a half century."

Tell me again, why are we still living here?


Pretty sure that 737 U-turn was for the dick Cheney's heart, which's been flying (on taxpayers' "dime") round the world, non-stop since 1973, looking for dick. Cheney had it removed (just part of working for another heartless dick, Nixon in this case) and is (currently) going with one made by weapons of mass destruction purveyor Raytheon, guaranteed to remove all traces of Humanity -- for those who can Afford to/it.

Trumpfy himself is said to be considering a "heart" made by Wisconsin cheesemakers, but is unwilling to pay any more than $300. Negotiations have stalled and are unlikely to get much further.


Stupid headline. Of course it's not "earthquake-proof". Nothing is. There is always some bigger level of ground shaking that you cannot accommodate through engineering design. So they design it for a really big fucking earthquake - which is super expensive - then the weekly rag complains "oh, it's super expensive now - and it's STILL not earthquake proof, WTF!?"

Basically, using your journalism degree to bitch about civil infrastructure is wayyyy easier than using your engineering degree to solve problems. So just STFU already, Stranger writer.


No reputable engineer would every say a structure is earthquake proof. That would be an absurd thing to say. You design them to be as resistant as you can within the parameters you have. I would much rather be in the tunnel than up on the viaduct in even a mild earthquake. The tunnel is probably much safer than being on the streets of Seattle if the big one hit.


@12: No, don't you see? Michael Bell is both a writer AND a painter, so he's super knowledgeable about important things!



We're still living here because not all Cascadia Subduction Zone magnitude 9.0 earthquakes are the same. Depending on epicenter, depth, duration, etc, there will be substantial variance in severity for Seattle and other inland locations.

The real question is why anyone is still living on the Washington coast...


@11 @13 lol, u mad bro?

I didn't really interpret them complaining that it's "super expensive now" in that blurb (even though it WAS a way more expensive solution than necessary), but okay...

The problems with the tunnel/replacing the viaduct have a lot more to do with petty politics, mismanagement, and $$$ than engineering issues.


@6: I suggest you go down to Elliot Ave W and 15th Ave W anywhere from S. Queen Anne to Ballard and tell me if you thing anyone of sound mind would think of jaywalking.

No, the driver wasn't carless and you owe him/her an apology.

But don't be embarrassed, there will be another jaywalking fatality soon that will better fit your anti-automotive predetermined narratives.


@1: That's mostly true (Trump is pretty damn dumb and some of his supporters are only backing him because of his fiscal policies and how their rapaciousness benefits them directly), but Trump is the one with the Football and an inability to take it, despite constantly dishing it out. He's the one I'm most concerned about.

@10: So long as no one can intercept his heart, no one can drive a stake through it and kill Dick Cheney for good. Keeping it in constant movement seems like a real strong defense against that.


Wet roads
Tired drivers
Pedestrians wearing dark clothing
Giant ass SUVs in a city where EVERY FUCKING INCH OF ROAD IS PAVED, with too high headlights blinding oncoming drivers.
Non reflective road paint
Gnarled traffic

I'm amazed we don't have more accidents and fatalities!


I would be more worried about the tunnel springing a leak during an earthquake rather than collapsing. I would hope that there are a series of manholes leading to the surface throughout the tunnel.


@19: That's a great enumeration.


@2 Its people like you that help give me hope. Fight for/with the downtrodden not pour more bs on them.

@19 Excellent comment. Thank you. Now what do we do?


@16 So true and thank you for telling the truth. We know who sells us out.


Of COURSE Donald Jackass Trump doesn't know how money works! The corrupt-as-fuck white collar POS has filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and gotten its sorry ass bailed out by the Big Banks three times already. It must be nice to blow billions at others' expense. It's no that surprise Mein Trumpfy is so shameless. The sooner this neofascist regime is stripped of its destructive abuse of power, the better.
I can't imagine being a pedestrian, much less a motorist in Seattle anymore.


@19 iseult: Bingo! And thank you for reaffirming my comment about Seattle's city traffic in @24.


Nothing is "earthquake proof". It's built to the standards that are known based on previous events. The only way you can test it is in an earthquake.
Grow up and stop using that phrase. Thanks.