Slog AM: Bellevue Badminton Coach Investigated for Misconduct, 7-Year Old Girl Dies in Border Patrol Custody



The clever rhyming of "town" with "town" in an idiotic salad really sold it to you, huh?


The good news is fake holly.


It is amazing the bandminton coach didn’t do even worse things they he did. Sounds like he had ample opportunity and was constantly pushing the boundaries. What stopped him, or is there a much worse shoe to drop? Kudos to the girls and women who recognzed his behavior for what it was and took action.


@1 It takes a lot of confidence to rhyme the same word.


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Fuck you Pramila.

The little girl had not eaten or had water in days, then shows up half dead at the border. She was in custody with her shitbag of a father for only a few hours before suffering a seizure, at which point she was rushed to the hospital and eventually passed away.

Trying to put this on the border patrol is pure bullshit, and is nothing but political games to rile up her base.


@6 She was in custody for more than 8 hours. You don't check on and or feed your 7 yo kids over an 8 hour period, after they have been trudging through the desert for days? Anyway, you probably don't have kids given the drivel you spout or at least, let's hope you don't


@ 6,

The Tdump regime caused this crisis for racist political reasons, so someone should remind Kirstjen “Nazi Barbie” Nielsen what they do to child murderers in prison.


Holly is by far the number 1 invasive tree in my yard. I pull out dozens of them per year under trees and bushes.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Academy, and to wish all you haters better luck next week.


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I'm not trusting any game that uses something called a shuttlecock.


Re: the 7-year-old that died, initial tests from the physicians say was suffering from septic shock as well. This is mentioned toward the bottom of that WaPo article. I'm sure that was a big factor; septic shock is scary as hell. As monstrous as the CBP policies are, it sounds like they did all they could in her case, but it it may already have been too late by the time they took her into custody.

It's interesting that Cohen and Hucka-Sands have started thinking in terms of how history will remember them. It's almost like they have low expectations of how the Trump administration will be viewed throughout history, and they know what's coming. I have no sympathy for either one of them, but it's amusing to watch the rats leave the sinking ship.



We don't have to imagine;
a couple of black gangbangers gun down an innocent young black girl,
or her mom,
or her granny;
The Left doesn't make a peep;
times 30,
every weekend in America.


@10- good grief, you're an idiot.


Boxing grosses me out, but that's a nice boxing story.


@15- no. No they do not.

Much like 5th grade math, we would need you to show your work.


I have to agree, the fucking trek is what killed the little girl though the border patrol needed to be more aware of what was going on and take action.

Still, this is a case of bad parenting


@20 -- 'bad parenting'? Oh, this poor gal didn't happen to have been Stolen from her Parents?

The way we treat Refugees and Asylum seekers, under this ... bizzarro whack / kkkon job of a presidency,* is abominable. Trumpfy wants to set an Example? He should step down.

*and to think, the Jesus vote voted for THIS guy.
they do seem to have stepped off The Path....
Well Merry fucking Xmas.


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