Slog AM: Redmond Is Diversifying Faster Than Seattle, Twice as Many High School Students Are Vaping This Year



"Bellevue had become "the county’s most recent city where people of color make up at least half the population," and Balk says Redmond is on track to be added to that list in the near future"

Must be the lack of zoning or single family homes.


In days of yore, the Seahawks logo had a Coast Salish vibe to it. But they genericized it long ago.


Comment: 2/10 - low score mostly for lack of cleverness.
Screen name: 10/10 - I chuckled heartily

@Michael, that artwork is really dope. Do you have your art up somewhere in Seattle?


Another looming government shutdown, ACA under threat again, and a recession on the horizon; Merry Christmas everyone.


is it diverse if everyone makes a shit ton of money and works for the same three employers?


At least vaping is better than smoking cigarettes.

Baby steps.



Yes. Successful people of color are still people of color. I know that's hard for the looney left to acknowledge, but try opening your mind.


@6- sure, but teen smoking rates had declined to around 6% (from around 30% in the mid 70's). So we are not replacing smoking w/ vaping, but creating new nicotine addicts among a youth population who have a super-unfavorable view of tobacco.




Stunning painting! Please post more.


@7 Kennesaw Mountain - Absolutely correct.


@3 next month I will!


@6 - Sadly, no. Sure, you're not getting dog urine but you're getting more nicotine, so the brain is being mapped towards addiction even without the bonus of dog urine. And vaporizers themselves are totally unregulated and when you vape, you're possibly (and more than possibly) ingesting a random slurry of cancer-causing heavy metals and lead. About a year ago, there was a published report of a random selection of vapes out there being tested and the shit that's in them because of the unregulated manufacturing process was terrifying.

So, still high risk for cancer and the shit smells like fruit loops and wet dog ass.


Interesting to witness the genesis of a terrible new habit. Vaping had zero cache (I would say it was derided), no cultural references or history. We didn't grow up watching our idols vape. Nothing. It's just a thing companies thought of, marketed—and boom, now it's something thousands of young people do. It's like an electric scooter for your mouth.



Well, at least it's not as harmful to others around the person vaping... unless second-hand vape mist is also full of whatever's in the stuff they're sucking down.


@13 Thank you influencer marketing!



You're right, of course. Though I (and I suspect a tankload of others) somehow find cigarette smokers less obnoxious. Like, at least they have the balls to take up and sustain a gross habit in such a manner that maximizes the grossness and inflicts the most toxicity into themselves and those around them. Gotta respect that.



Of course the Eastside tech companies literally had to import a goodly percentage of those POC from foreign countries, so based on your unabashed support I presume we won't be hearing you complaining about our immigration policies, amiright?