Obamacare Ruling Likely to Be Overturned



That's right you stupid basics, just keep ginning out children for the war machine. We don't care what else happens to you. - GOP


I really hope we all get to see the look on Trump's face at the moment he realizes he's about to die. He can't go out like Omar.



With any luck it'll happen in full public view - preferably by choking on his third or fourth Big Mac of the day or on an extra-large wad of deep-fried mac-and-cheese. Now of course the Secret Service has an obligation to "protect the president", however I'm not sure if that includes protecting him from himself.


Trump just hates poor people.... My mental health facility I worked at in Chicago grew because of Obamacare... Now you see a reason Drumpf!


idk, isn't the ruling basically that the individual mandate is essential to the constitutionality and since this congress eliminated that in the tax bill, it can't work? combine that measure with rubio's sabotage of the insurance co. payments in 2012, and they fucked it good. this is the workaround after the failure to repeal.


@1 Zapotec: I know, right?
@3 COMTE for the WIN! Mein Trumpfy can choke on it----and with no healthcare coverage to save its fat, ugly ass.
@5 Max Solomon: But..don't we have a surging new Blue Wave with the Democrats regaining the House? I am comforted by Katie's statement that this idiotic ruling that Obamacare is "unconstitutional" won't hold up.