When Fox News Says You're an Unindicted Co-Conspirator...



Maybe this means that the tide has turned... And perhaps the "two years" prediction that was floating around DC right after the inauguration was correct. #FingiesCrossed


@1 The "tide" has turned in the sense that now all media outlets recognize beyond a shadow of doubt what we all suspected. That Trump is irreparably corrupt.

But don't expect that tide to carry him anywhere. Because the other fact we all know is that Trump's cult of followers and the spineless lackeys in the senate and apologists in the GOP do not care.

Integrity. Rule of law. Democracy. Thats for the other suckers to worry about. None of these principles factor to the right wing. Power is all that matters. Power.

I ran a little experiment at thanks giving where I read aloud a WaPo article about all the crimes associated with Trump to my rabidly Trump supporting brothers and uncle. But I substituted Obama or Clinton or democrats for Trump and his bevy of crooks. I feigned outrage that Hillary could've committed all these crimes and got away with it! The outrage!

See, they said, they told me democrats were all crooks!

Once they were whipped up into the appropriate LOCKHERUP frenzy I then turned the iPad around and showed them it was actually Trump. Less than two minutes of red faced mumbling and stuttering it was a miracle of 180 Degree rationalizations and squeals of fake news.

They do not care. They don't want to live in a democracy. They don't want pluralist diverse society. They don't want consequences. They don't want rules. They just want to tell other people what to do.

Our society is broken. And as much as we need to getting rid of Trump won't fix it.


Yesterday's denials will become tomorrow's boasts.


May the Fall of the Mein Trumpfy Empire be unbearably painful for all RepubliKKKans and sweet justice for the 99.999999% of the world.


Many sick-minded parents will have to explain themselves to their innocents for rallying the biggest bigot & criminal to hit the political theater.
"What GOOD were you seeing when you defended the gassing of school kids, mommy? What was the GOOD in rationalizing the murder journalists and protesters, daddy?"


Wing-nuts are not even defending a set of principles, simply attempting to shield a disgusting, decayed old pervert that nobody even likes on a personal level. There is no "win" they can even point to.


@7 they point to the embassy in Israel and not being arrested for saying "Merry Christmas". Some real issues affecting middle America.