Maybe Steven Spielberg Is to Blame for Alice Walker's Anti-Semitism



But do bad writers know they're bad, or was she all "of course the movie was good, it was based on MY novel"?


‘ a hate that was ready to grow ‘ nails it. i propse if we have to blame any one person, we shoukd blame her.


The Color Purple was a terrible read. And I read every word.


Good Afternoon Charles,
Wow, that's weird. And most unfortunate if Alice Walker is indeed, an anti-Semite. She has a daughter, Rebecca by her first husband, Mel Leventhal who is Jewish. In fact Rebecca wrote a memoir "Black, White, Jewish" back in 2001 and vaguely recall it being reviewed in the Stranger.

I've seen "The Color Purple" and it is a very good film.

Strange that the NYT's brief interview with Ms. Walker doesn't call her on her anti-Semitism.



"Now that we know that Walker is anti-Semitic, we must next ask why this is so?"

Here... Let me fix that for you:

"Now that we know that Walker is anti-Semitic, we must next burn all of her books, revoke all other awards, ban all of her stories and generally purge her from history and the public psyche, round up all of her supporters and admirers and "re-educate" them through public shamming until they repent and disown her."

There. That's better.
And now we can just delete the rest of your piece and I can have that part of my life back.


A critical piece of context that Mr. Mudede is missing. Alice Walker's ex-husband and the father of her daughter (and only child) is Jewish. (I don't know if her daughter was raised Jewish or identifies as Jewish.) From:



Some years ago there was a well-received documentary on Alice Walker showing during SIFF. IIRC, there was a reference that was glossed over to Walker being estranged from her daughter.


Blaming a Jew for someone's antisemitism. Hmm. Where have i heard that one before?


Well I am glad that someone with cred said out loud that the Color Purple movie was better than the book. Also agreed that she is not even in the top of the canon for African American writers (That would be Toni Morrison and James Baldwin, imho).

She's an anti-Semite. Not actually that unusual... People are complicated, and although I know the "official" word is that non-whites can't be racists for whatever structural reasons, there is plenty of bias and prejudice in all humanity. If she likes a kook writer but keeps her biases private, I don't see what the problem is. She's an old lady with a prejudice who wrote a popular book. She's not marching down the streets with a swastika.


David Icke, of course, also thinks the world is secretly inhabited and influenced by reptilians... will no-one defend the LIzard People?

Alice Walker wrote this a year ago:

Our bumbling Mudede had nothing to say about it, and has nothing to say about it now. It is only when a white European philosopher enters the game that Charles finds something to say about Alice Walker.


“Is Jesus boiling eternally in hot excrement,
For his “crime” of throwing the bankers
Out of the Temple? For loving, standing with,
And defending
The poor? Was his mother, Mary,
A whore?

Are Goyim (us) meant to be slaves of Jews, and not only
That, but to enjoy it?
Are three year old (and a day) girls eligible for marriage and intercourse?
Are young boys fair game for rape?“
Must even the best of the Goyim (us, again) be killed?”

What level of WOKE is this?


I had to go to the Tablet article and follow links to Walker's blog to get a sense of whether there was any substance to these accusations or not. I thought The Color Purple was a moving and impressive book. Walker's going down the rabbit hole into Icke's fatastical, paranoid anti-Semiticism is something to deplore--but also mourn. It's a loss.


@5: Nah, only white people are intrinsically evil enough so that their hatreds are ingrained and immutable.

Non-white people however are pure souls, so their hatreds must be understood and studied so we can see where they were befouled and despoiled by a white guy at some point. In this case, Steven Spielberg.

By the way, this may or may not apply to asians based on whatever point needs to be made.


Thank you for the clarification.
It all makes perfect sense now.