No One Will Take Responsibility for This Pesticide-Ridden Vape Cartridge



I live in Olympia not Seattle but I applaud what Uncle Ike's doing regardless. We can't fix these problems if we don't know about them and so far Uncle Ike's been the only retailer to step up and do the right thing to protect his customers. Somebody's either lying or has some serious internal problems with their operation and from this article Ionic looks like a good place to start the investigation.


Very hard to believe a state agency isn't on top of their regulatory responsibilities... Thank you Ian for stepping up.


This testing alone would be reason enough to shop at Uncle Ike's first. The rest of the bullshit he has to deal with is just icing on the cake.


This is probably the result of unscrupulous operations sourcing off the grey market for dirt cheap, as legal weed kills black market weed prices. They have to say it came from somewhere.


it's too late to implement Oregon-style testing, but that's what you need to stop this shit. Nothing else does.