Steve & Eydie are here to save the holidays.
Steve & Eydie are here to save the holidays. NBC Television

You—and by "you" I mean "the internet"—have been mad about the classic holiday tune, "Baby It's Cold Outside" for awhile and apparently continue to be mad. Some of you are mad that people still like this song despite its rapey overtones. Others are mad because some of you are placing modern day ethics on a 74-year-old song. MEANWHILE, I'M MAD ABOUT SOMETHING NEITHER OF YOU HAVE THOUGHT OF.

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There is a song that, in my view, is just as good (if not better) and EVERYONE IS IGNORING IT. This song is very similar in structure, just as catchy, far less morally problematic, and as such is the perfect replacement for "Baby It's Cold Outside." Here is that song: 1964's "That Holiday Feeling" by Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé.

Guys! This song has EVERYTHING you need in a holiday-themed, romantic/lightly horny duet, including:

• Lots of kissing, and more importantly, consensual kissing!

These lyrics are adorable and flirty as fuck.

• Specific holiday references (Santa, mistletoe, and New Year's Eve) which "Baby, It's Cold Outside" clearly lacks.

• Kick-ass big band orchestration!

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• Performed by Steve & Eydie, one of the greatest vocal duos of the past century.

So it's fine if you don't like "Baby, It's Cold Outside," but help me to help you by offering a clearly superior replacement that not only gets the job done, BUT INARGUABLY DESERVES A PLACE ON THE LIST OF "BEST HOLIDAY SONGS OF ALL TIME!"

"THAT HOLIDAY FEELING" BY STEVE & EYDIE: Call up your local radio stations and ask for it by name!

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