Don't Like "Baby, It's Cold Outside"? Fine, Here's a Perfect Replacement.



Just wait until social justice warriors start listening to rap music.


Not enough Ray Charles


I'm fine with not hearing "baby it's cold outside" because it's a mediocre POS. There are tons of good holiday tunes, that one has never been one of them, even before people started complaining about the rapey stuff.


Steve and Edie upstage BICO musically, and although that isn't anything particularly monumental, I agree that's a great replacement for parties.

@1: They'd never do that, otherwise they'd risk appearing consistent or methodical.


3 Why don't you read a real news source?

'Baby, It's Cold Outside,' Seen As Sexist, Frozen Out By Radio Stations


omg so true, no feminist has ever talked about misogyny in rap music repeatedly in every form of media including rap music itself over the past several decades - what gives ladies, inquiring white guys who don’t give a shit about misogyny unless they can use it as a cudgel demand answers now!!!


@7: Your predictable retort for responding to a point other sloggers are making, that you take issue with, is to sarcastically contort it into a projection salad with stereotype croutons.


If it comes on the christmas mix at my party and you bring up this very topical discussion because you feel it's your duty to educate about rape culture to a room full of people I would toss if I thought they were in any way condoning rape, I'm throwing you out of my party for being a boring fundamentalist American who can't stop being weird about sex.


How about the old musical standard, "I'm a Bad, Bad Man" by Irving Berlin, yeow:

"There's a girl in Wyoming and they're combing Wyoming
To find the man in white who was out with her that night
There's a girl in Arkansas
The sheriff is her brother-in-law
Can't go back to Arkansas
I'm a bad, bad man"



All he did was tell you you are full of shit. What's untrue about that?


@8 it’s my special way of making fun of ppl who have no idea what they’re talking about


ah, the days when women weren’t supposed to say yes, and men weren’t supposed to take no for answer. What could possibly go wrong? The song itself is fine, those kids were obviously into each other into each other (Not sure about the Jessica Simpson/ Nick Lachey version).


Once again, the Jews save Christmas!

(I belong to a FB group that is about nostalgia for my home town, which used to be quite a pretty place. Every time this year, people complain about how the town doesn't have the Christmas decorations downtown that they once had, and every year I take a certain amount of satisfaction in reminding them that it was the largely Jewish merchant class that paid for the decorations they remember so fondly. You sure don't see the Walton family stepping forward to make downtown Council Bluffs look festive)


I am sadly disappointed in you, Mr. Humphrey. I thought you of all people would realize that the only replacement for Baby It's Cold Outside is the great, uplifting, empowering, and overwhelmingly romantic classic by The Prodigy, Smack My Bitch Up. The lyrics are catchy, and so easy to remember, even the wee chilluns can join in.