Its fine, shes fine, were all fine. For now.
It's fine, she's fine, we're all fine. For now. Alex Wong / Getty Images

The Associated Press is reporting that RBG had "cancerous growths removed from her lung." When news of this surgery broke on Friday, early commenters on social media immediately started offering up their lungs for donation. Right now, at least, it looks like she won't need them.

According to NPR, "doctors say prospects look good for a full recovery" and she "hopes to be back on the court for the start of the new term in early January." Ginsberg has beaten cancer twice before—colorectal and pancreatic—and she's never missed a day in court because of it. Doesn't look like she'll miss a day because of this one, either.

This news comes a little over a month after the 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice broke three ribs in a fall, which also sent a wave of fear through the general populace.

God forbid the worst happens to the best Justice on the bench, Trump would get to appoint another judge to the Supreme Court. If Trump gets to appoint another judge, then the chances of Obamacare's complete dissolution rises dramatically, which would deprive millions of Americans of health insurance. Roe v Wade would get overturned (which could still happen). Meteors would fall from the sky. The ground would become blood. And then we'd have to start relying on Congress to pass meaningful legislation that helps vast majorities of Americans. Kill me.