I vote for NW 45th and Shilshole NW, when you bike there, and realize the Burke-Gilman will NEVER be completed.


great concept & well-executed by all. hope to see you revisit this sometime.
Can sculpture looks interesting, think I might like it.


@1 true, true. There are (more than) a few (not so) good places to stop on your bike and think wistfully about what might have been. But that's living in a real city and not a college town hippy utopia for you. I still might try to retire in Eugene or Berkeley if I can though.

FWIW, I grew up in 'southwest' Portland, and they still don't even have sidewalks on most of the streets, much less bike routes. I personally hope 35th manages to get far enough to reach 'the only way out is through' before city council gets turned on its head and the actually very needed improvements get scrapped and Seattle ends up on the hook for the federal money that the bike infrastructure plans brought, but whatever happens... it could be worse.


@3 Check out Anchorage. The town is covered with trails. You can bike in the summer and Xcountry ski in the winter.


Thank you for this! :D


Someone get some molly over to The Stranger's office, fast.


Don’t cry in public, dearies. It’s very middle-class.


Well,this certainly shows a lack of empathy,compassion or respect for people in never walked a mile in their shoes or experienced the hardships,pain,suffering,despair and sorrow that people go through every day in this city,so you go around them or tell them where to go to cry...this shows what you and our president clearly lacks.

By the way,@4,I wouldn't live up in Anchorage,Alaska! I was born up there and lived their most of my life and arrived here in 2000 and it is a frozen cesspool 9 months of the year that makes Seattle seem like Miami and high tech and advanced compared to me,don't move there,it's a tourist trap frozen shithole and you will be stuck indoors 10 months of the year...


@8 Good Lord friend! As a fellow Alaskan I am troubled by your non-existent sense of humor. Perhaps this is why you moved away from the Great Upper 1? Cross country ski to work instead of sitting in a hot fart of a bus for 2 hrs a day? yes please! Who do you think you wrote these quippets? Robots? Humans, actual humans who also feel "pain, hardships, suffering, despair and sorrow". So the problem isn't that they lack empathy but that you lack a funny bone. Cheer up!

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