Black Mirror's New Film Bandersnatch Reveals That Gen X Wants Millennials and Gen Z to Bow Down



You know what was really, really popular in the 1980s, well past the point where it got irritating?

The 1950s.


@1 lol so true!

One of the things I love about Charles is his willingness to entertain (and maybe satirize) insane ideas. Go Charles!


"not remarkable or interesting"- succinct description of mudede and most slog commentators.


@1, yes!


‘...the young man, who sat near him, "was so immersed in the film [The Matrix] that he all the time disturbed other spectators with loud exclamations, like 'My God, wow, so there is no reality!'"’

It is doubleplus unpossible any young person would have taken any kind of hallucinogenic drug before viewing “The Matrix.” Therefore, we can (and have) conclusively ruled out any possibility this young man had done so. No, his philosophical immaturity can be the only explanation for his behavior.

“But why this infatuation with and repeated return to the 1980s?“

There have been two Black Mirror episodes which take place, in part, during the 1980s. Two.

“...technologies that are not dissimilar from the ones we have today...”

The experience of an iPhone is far different than the experience of a modem with a 1980s home computer. I use(d) both extensively, and I have no memories of using one of those whilst riding public transportation.


1: Actually, the fascination with the ‘50s started earlier - think “America Pie”, “American Graffiti”, “Happy Days”, etc. The ‘60s made its “comeback” in the 1980s, if anything.


As far as that goes, Sha Na Na played at Woodstock. But maybe that's so far back that it wasn't nostalgia yet.


Yet another Mudede swing and miss.....


“Bandersnatch, which was written by the series' creator, Charlie Brooker, is in fact very close to another Black Mirror episode, ‘San Junipero,’”

Um no, not even close?

“Why do we never return to the 70s or 60s or 50s in the Black Mirror series? Now this is interesting.”

No it’s not. See @5. There have been twenty Black Mirror episodes, one was set in the 80s, and one prominently featured 80s themes. It’s a show about the pernicious effects of advanced technology for Christ’s sake — the fact that even one episode was set in the 1980s is pretty unusual.

“Is this, in a larger sense, how we can break down this predilection to the 1980s in Black Mirror?”

In a larger sense, how can we explain Charles’ predilection for a disco Black Mirror episode? Is it due to his generation’s desire to maintain relevance?

This is a terrible, poorly thought out take.

10, this is the type of article that would result from an 800-word minimum, the desire to go home early on New Year’s Eve, and writer’s block.


Put the word Millenials in a blog post and get readers. This review was irritating and absurd.